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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Madico Graphic Films, a leading UK supplier of specialist pressure sensitive, coated film products for durable label applications, has attributed increased sales of its versatile range of printable films that offer excellent adhesion and superior clean removability on a wide range of surfaces and at high temperatures to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

One of the key applications for the innovative thermal transfer printable film (code: 01-716) is removable labels for electrical and audio visual equipment, including TV screens. With some retailers reporting TV sales during the FIFA Cup equivalent to those during the peak trading period of Christmas, Madico says this has influenced sales of the easy-peel labelstock, which leaves no adhesive transfer or residue upon removal.

Madico’s innovative 01-716 film comprises a 50μ white polyester or 80μ polypropylene print receptive facestock that provides excellent dimensional stability combined with good solvent, humidity, elevated temperature and UV resistance. Engineered to accept conventional ink, the labelstock offers superior thermal transfer print quality with crisp definition at low burn temperatures with resin and wax/resin ribbons.

Pivotal to the film’s performance is Madico’s very low tack, and proven R51 acrylic adhesive, which offers clean removability after short and long term application. As well as audio-visual equipment and electrical appliances, this makes 01-716 perfect for on demand variable information labels in a host of automotive, electronic and laboratory applications. Madico’s 01-716 substrate also includes an 82gsm white polycoated glassine liner which is suitable for high speed dispensing and is PE coated on one side to ensure adhesive smoothness.

“The key differentiator with Madico’s 01-716 easy-peel label compared to similar products, is its removable adhesive and the reliability of that adhesive under difficult conditions”, says Gary Dixon, International Business Manager at Madico Graphic Films Ltd. “Removable labels are already available on the market, but unlike 01-716, these typically fail to perform when subjected to high temperatures or if exposed to chemicals. However, the 01-716 polyester film has been proven to function successfully at up to 200°C.

“At the point of purchase, 01-716 labels are crisp, clean and adhere to surfaces perfectly, and leave no surface contamination upon removal”, he adds. “This makes them highly suitable for point-of-sale labels on electrical and audio-visual products, white goods, or for factory tracking of products during assembly. We noticed similar peaks of the product prior to the 2006 World Cup and believe the boost in TV sales could well be the reason behind this.”

Madico’s 01-716 can be supplied directly from stock and as well as a 50μ gloss white polyester, is also available on a 50μ clear white polyester, as well as on an 80μ matt white polypropylene facestock.