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Eminence Business Media

Friday, September 10, 2010


OMET will be making news at Labelexpo Americas in Chicago from 14th to 16th September on Stand 3123 in Hall D. Visitors to the Stand will be able to watch demos of OMET’s X-Flex machine printing high-resolution flexo, known as HI-Repro – HD FLEXO.

Demos will be carried out using 4,000 dpi printing plates on six-colour print subjects, including a metallic colour. High-resolution flexo print is the new frontier of flexographic printing. When compared to normal flexo, it ensures a brighter appearance, allows extension of the grey shades, eliminates uncontrolled dot gain, and produces homogeneous shades. The quality reached by HI-Repro HD FLEXO print allows companies to offer the complete tone range of offset and rotogravure printing techniques.

OMET will be exhibiting this important new type of printing at the Chicago expo after carrying out extensive tests with different customers during recent months, and obtaining outstanding results. Visitors to Chicago will also be able to see live operation of OMETChannel, the new system for remote control though video connection. It works by providing the customer with a helmet fitted with a Wi-Fi camera that is integrated in the machine network.

This allows transmission of images from the production line. Using OMETChannel, the company’s technicians receive data in a fast and secure way through the TCP/IP protocol, and can then interact with the person in charge of maintenance at the customer’s plant. A laser pointer improves the detail shot and lets the maintenance man work as if an OMET technician was at his side. OMETChannel not only covers the electronic working of the machine, but also its electric and mechanical operation too.

X-Flex, the product of decades of experience, is a press characterised by its ease of use coupled with multiple innovations that make it fast and efficient. Its ergonomic and appealing design and intuitive adjustment make it easy to use in all its functions. The new concept of the flexo printing unit assures a high quality level and better control of print register and its high level of automation allows significant waste reduction when combined with the shortest web path in its class on the market. The high precision and stability offered by this press eliminate vibration in favour of quality and a reduction of maintenance costs. The possibility of combining different printing processes, which are completely interchangeable with each other, such as hot foil, cold foil, lamination, screen, reverse side print, print on adhesive, at any print station make the machine particularly versatile and suitable for supplying different finishing solutions.

Omet is represented in India by Weldon Celloplast Ltd..