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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Multitec will show its hugely successful, highly economical Ecoflex press at the Labelexpo India. The press at the show will be a 330mm, 8 color, all UV, movable cold foil, 2 die stations, video inspection, slitting, laminating, dual product rewind configuration.

The Ecoflex is a narrow web flexo press for printing labels, tags, flexible packaging, cartons, etc. Its modular design and precise, rigid construction provide the versatility and reliability necessary for the most difficult jobs. The press is available in 330mm and 450mm widths, has a large 40” unwind, variable infeed system for ultra-precise infeed tension, pneumatic splicing table, mid-press pacing unit that resets the tension between the print and the die-cut units thus improving register quality, “to-the-floor” precision built print units, 2 die cut units and a dual rewinder as standard. The maximum speed is 150m/min. Options include delam-relam, cold-foil units, turnbar, sheeter stacker, corona treater, web cleaner, etc. These are built in the ultra-modern manufacturing facilites of Multitec that has a plethora of CNC machines.

Constructed to provide a superior foundation for quality printing and converting, the Ecoflex has full dual side frames to create a solid and rigid structure not attainable with partial frames supported on sheet metal legs or with cantilevered designs. Consistent, repeatable quality printing is facilitated by the ease of operating the Ecoflex. Precise print adjustments are made quickly, even when changing material caliper. Anilox rolls can be changed quickly even after the job is set up, and the closed loop tension system provides exact and repeatable control at the operator selected tension level.

Also, on the show will be an exclusive preview to the new EZY-FLEX press that Multitec is launching shortly. A separate area at the stand designated as the “TOUCHPAD” will showcase a 2 color printing unit of the EZY-FLEX. Multitec’s Amit Ahuja says – “We are very excited about the TOUCHPAD concept because we want printers to have a hands-on experience with the EZY-FLEX print unit, to try for themselves and realize the ease of setting it up and very fast. Too bad that we don't have space to show a working press at the show, but we are planning an open-house for the printers shortly after ILS ‘10.” Multitec’s Amit has plans to demonstrate this press at the Label-Expo at Brussels in 2011.

The EZY-FLEX provides a very easy access to the entire print unit & incorporates some really innovative features like:

  • EZY-Mount & Lock System - the print cylinder has mount bearers & is pneumatically locked on a special algorithmically studied curve that guarantees a constant printing pressure for different repeat cylinder diameters. No need of adapters, slide settings or changing any other settings for different repeat print cylinders. Even the doctor blade is self-positioning. Just mount and lock.
  • EZY-Clean System – featuring a special small tray for easy cleaning. Also handy when you want to print expensive metallics, etc. as the print can be achieved with ink quantities as small as 600 ml.