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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Avery Dennison Corporation introduced a revolutionary advance in label application that will free package designers to create more distinctive packaging shapes to catch and hold consumers' eyes as they choose products from crowded store shelves. Avery Dennison's Curve Appeal is a patent-pending system encompassing special Fasson Curvy film labels that work together in a machine application process. This system labels complex curved surfaces far beyond other current labeling processes.

"In mere seconds, shoppers make purchase decisions," said Renae Kulis, Avery Dennison's global marketing director, health & beauty, home care. "Avery Dennison Curve Appeal allows marketers and package designers to profoundly affect consumers' decision-making. Savvy brand owners can now create a more impactful marketing asset at the shelf."

The new Fasson Curvy film label combines a wraparound look with the shelf appeal of pressure-sensitive graphics. It creates up to 30 percent more space for primary labeling than current flat surfaces and, because it reduces the need for two-ply label constructions, enables larger back panels to carry more product or multi-language information.

The new application technology enables converters using Fasson Curvy film to deliver improved lay-down quality for large-format and unique label designs. The linear label application equipment is manufactured under license to Harland Machine Systems Ltd., a leader in the design and manufacture of pressure-sensitive labeling machines.

"Being chosen by Avery Dennison as the preferred partner in developing this process has allowed Harland to demonstrate our cutting edge engineering capabilities," said David Latham, sales director for Harland Machine Systems. "We are continually pushing the boundaries of innovative labeling equipment in an ever-changing market."

To help consumer packaging companies and their converters see the impact of Fasson Curvy labels, Avery Dennison will work with packaging designers to prototype labels for existing containers or help them redesign packages to use more complex curves and take advantage of the increased brand impact possible with Avery Dennison Curve Appeal.

"This is our company's 75th year of delivering innovations that help build brands and make information more impactful," said Kulis. "We're proud to bring Avery Dennison Curve Appeal to our customers."

More information is available at www.EnhanceYourBrand.com