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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Bobst Group – Business Unit Web-fed will present its latest technologies for printing & converting plastic film and flexible materials at the K’2010 Intl. Plastics Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany from 27th October to 3rd November, on Stand 3 – D52 in Hall 3. This will include both primary and secondary slitting & rewinding from Atlas & Titan (UK) solutions in vacuum web coating & metallizing from General (UK), flexo printing technology from Fischer & Krecke (Germany) and coating & laminating and gravure printing solutions from Rotomec (Italy).

Atlas has installed the world’s largest & fastest slitting machines for BOPP film and has installed more than 200 primary film slitters worldwide, exceeding 6m in width. This includes the widest machines at 10 metres and the fastest at 1500 m/min., with precise control of web and winding tension. In recent years, Atlas has increased sales of primary & secondary slitter rewinders for BOPET film. Atlas also has a range of secondary slitter rewinders in narrower widths up to approx. 4 metres. The modular design of the Atlas CW800 centre winder for both plain and metallized films enables easy change of unwind options, slitting systems and machine accessories like edge trim and finished reel handling, with a maximum speed of 1000 m/min and 1200 mm unwind / rewind diameters. There are over 100 Atlas CW800 slitters working with metallizers, CPP & BOPP film lines worldwide as it has become the benchmark secondary slitter rewinder for plain and metallized film producers globally. Information on the latest developments for Atlas slitter rewinders and roll handling solutions will be available at the show.

Titan provides secondary slitting, rewinding and reel handling solutions for plain, metallized and printed plastic film and laminates used mainly for flexible packaging applications. The versatile Titan SR8 cantilever slitter rewinder is the most successful in the Titan range with more than 250 machines installed worldwide. The capability of handling a wide variety of flexible materials up to 2250 mm (88 ins) wide at high production speeds with many options for automation, is an essential part of its huge success. The Titan ER610 is a more compact and cost-effective slitting solution with all electric, oil-free operation, no hydraulics and reduced power consumption. With up to 1650 mm web width running at 450 m/min with quick and easy installation, the ER610 extends the Titan portfolio of slitter rewinders to converters producing lower volumes of flexible materials. The Titan CT610 is an automated twin-turret slitter rewinder with very fast turret action, slit widths as narrow as 20 mm (less than 1 inch) and a distinctive continuous turret shaft support system. Turret changeovers take less than 20 seconds and the CT610 runs at speeds up to 750 m/min to meet very high volume production requirements for 1400 to 2200 mm web widths. Information on the latest developments for Titan slitter rewinders and reel handling solutions will be available at the show.