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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


When it comes to quality labels outsourcing, there are few converters who are an obvious choice. And New Delhi based Kwality Offset Pvt. Ltd. - an ISO 9001: 2008 company that stands tall as one of the high-end label converters in India is naturally in this list. An automatic choice for both Indian and Foreign FMCG companies as well as for the liquor industry for their requirement of high quality labels, Kwality Offset services varied industries including Food & Beverage, Liquor, Wine, Pharma and Automobile as well as Retail Chains.

The industry today is seeing a massive change in several converting areas as the design complexity of the labels with more colors and value additions has hit new strides. As it continues to take an assertive hold, the need for high-tech presses for label printing in order to meet the increasing and expanding demand for application decorations and treatments becomes necessary. With time, when Kwality Offset wanted to expand their capacity, they kept this aspect in mind. This thought process helped them zero in on a Mark Andy of the highest order.

A first timer to go in for the best, Kwality Offset ordered a Mark Andy XP5000 press (This is the first ever of its configuration and model to be installed in India) with unbeatable multi-process flexibility, augmenting their capacity substantially. A unique combination of innovation and technology in one Multi-Process printing package, the XP5000 enables quality conscious converters to produce the absolute highest quality work while maximizing their productivity far beyond today’s standards.

With the most advanced print platform in the Mark Andy line, the XP5000 allows converters to move into new, fast growing film markets with a highly productive narrow web press. Delivering the highest productivity and most efficient changeovers with an exclusive servo design and cassette platform, it is designed to accommodate technologies including UV flexo, water-based flexo, rotary screen, hot foil, cold foil and more. With dynamic features to enhance print productivity for the converter, the XP5000 Productivity Platform also delivers maximum capabilities to the printer looking for better return!

“Primarily purchased to providing labels and packaging to the FMCG, beverage, liquor and wine industries, we are looking forward to broadening our product offering and customer base, while having more control over product quality. The 8-color, 13 inch (330 mm) shaftless XP5000 fulfills the promise of servo technology through independent interstation surface speed and registry control. This, combined with cold foil, die-cut station, UV curing system from GEW’s model E Brick system, Video plate mounter from JM Heaford and an enhanced drying system allows us to run high speed, predictable quality day in and day out," Rajeev added.

‘The XP 5000 is the right choice for our accelerated growth. The combination of minimal waste, fast changeovers, high value addition and impeccable print quality fits our business model perfectly. We look forward to broadening our product offering and customer base, while having more control over product quality. We are hopeful that we will achieve greater success with this new investment,’ concluded Rajeev.

“A true platform design, the Mark Andy XP5000 provides the capacity to perform flexo, UV flexo, cold foil, hot foil, screen and interstation die cutting all within the same print head. This was appealing to Kwality as it allows maximum flexibility on existing projects as well as providing expanded capabilities as future trends and production requirements dictate. In addition to the flexibility of the platform design, faster make-readies, increased productivity, reduced waste and enhanced registration were draws of the XP5000,” stated Gourav Roy of Flexo Image Graphics who added that the XP5000 press has met and exceeded all expectations of the purchase order.

Creating a record of sorts, Kwality Offset’s XP5000 is the first ever of its configuration and model to be installed in India. The same was the case when Kwality went in for their 10” - 6 colour Mark Andy 2200 flexo machine for manufacturing self adhesive labels.