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Eminence Business Media

Friday, September 24, 2010


Clarifoil, makers of biodegradable cellulose film materials for labeling and packaging, packed a punch at Labelexpo Americas - the world’s largest label and product decoration trade show with its growing range of smart solutions for innovative label designs and tamper-evident label uses.

For converters and printers, specifiers and end-users, Clarifoil is an eco-friendly material that provides many efficiency advantages – it is easy to process, accepts solvent and water-based adhesives without treatment, can be glued and die cut with minimal waste, is printable by most processes without corona treatment and can be foil-blocked.

For creative designers, Clarifoil offers an entire orchestra of special effects for distinctive brands – it conforms well around complicated shapes, can be used to produce ‘invisible’ labels with only print or foil blocking prominent on a transparent background, and is available in clear, white, full matt, Satiné and Semitone finishes and special colors.

Clarifoil, the world’s leading producer of innovative cellulose acetate films for labels, carton windows and print lamination is highly active in the growing market for tamper-evident, security and anti counterfeit label material solutions. Because of Clarifoil’s low temperature manufacturing process, it’s possible to include a number of additives, including infrared agents (which can be energized with a handheld device), thermo-chromic and photochromic dyes, and fluorescent colored and optically brightened films, which produce a distinctive edge glow if torn.

Consumer awareness of environmental considerations is increasingly driving the choice of labeling materials. Consumers seek environmental friendliness in every aspect of the products they buy, including the packaging and labeling. Clarifoil satisfies this demand with its home- compostability and biodegradability, yet – unlike many eco-friendly products – there is no compromise on the quality of the label or its positive tactile qualities, with a variety of finishes available. Clarifoil has EN 13432 and ASTM D6400 accreditation as a certified biodegradable and home-compostable material.

A major contribution to the safety label market is Integuard, Clarifoil’s tamper evident film material. Integuard is specially engineered to retain tensile strength during automatic processing and high speed application but will fragment if removal is attempted when the product is on retail sale, enabling store staff to tell at a glance if the pack is intact. Integuard has been developed for tamper evidence uses in pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics, perfume, high end food and drink products and electronic goods such as mobile phones and MP3 players.

Marion Bauer, Marketing, Clarifoil explains: “Clarifoil has made enormous leaps forward with tamper evident technology whilst consistently holding firm with our environmental credentials. The exhibition had an exceptional turn out and we received a great deal of interest from both the Americas and Europe.”