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Eminence Business Media

Friday, September 3, 2010


A panel of label industry experts has reviewed the votes for the 2010 Label Industry Global Awards and is pleased to announce the winner of the prestigious R. Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award is Terry Fulwiler, CEO of WS Packaging Group, Inc. He was selected as the overall winner by the international label industry judging panel at the FINAT Congress in Valencia following a review of the online votes against the criteria. The award is sponsored by Avery Dennison.

Terry joined his father's company, in 1972 when there were 25 employees and he served in a variety of management positions leading to his promotion to CEO in 1987 upon his father's retirement. He is credited with the unprecedented decision in 2000 to take the company from a mid-size player in the tag and label industry to the next level with the merger of Wisconsin Label Corporation, founded in 1966, and Superior Label Systems, Inc., founded in 1970, which then resulted in nine company acquisitions in the last nine years. Now having over 1,775 employees at 17 locations across the U.S. and Mexico, the company produces high-quality printing, flexible packaging, and promotional products, as well as continuously introduces new and innovative products to the label and packaging industry.

After a lifetime in the label business, Terry's management style remains "people-friendly". He believes in hiring good people and helping them to do their best by getting them to enjoy what they do. He believes in giving credible people an interesting and challenging job to do and then reward their success, thereby reducing employee turnover. And although today's business styles have evolved into a more open-information sharing style instead of a closed tight-to-the-vest style, WS Packaging Group has acted as a "family business" and shared financials with the employees since the early 1970's.

Terry believes strongly in new printing technology and business improvements, such as the latest proofing systems or press equipment and lean manufacturing, and continues to reinvest in the business with significant annual capital expenditures as part of his long-term business strategy. Terry's leadership has driven label industry innovation through web-based ordering systems and customer interface management as well as through the development of RFID technology, which was expanded in a joint venture with European-based ASK Corporation.

Terry was selected Converter of the Year for 2000 by his peers in the Tag and Label Manufacturer's Institute (TLMI), the premier trade organization for the tag and label industry, in which Terry served on the board of directors and is an active member, and supports key company management to participate as active members. He is chairman of the board for Bellin Hospital, on the board of directors for several area businesses, including the Green Bay Packers, and serves in an advisory capacity for various local organizations and groups.