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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ankit Graphics adds up Dainippon Screen Flexo CTP for the first time in India

One of the leading suppliers of Flexo Printing Plates in Western India and based out at Ahmedabad, Ankit Graphics caters the needs of flexo printing plates since 1987. Recently Ankit Graphics upgraded its inventory by adding up a Dainippon Screen flexo CTP device - the Screen Platerite FX 1524, which also is the first installation in India.

Ankit Graphics was founded in 1987 by Bakul M Darji who is a gold medalist in printing technology from R C Technical, Ahmedabad. He is into the flexo plate making business since 1982. Ankit Darji is the son of Bakul Darji.

The PlateRite FX1524 streamlines processing and improves print quality for a wide range of flexo printing applications, including labels, flexible packages, cartons and corrugated cardboard packages. Equipped with an innovative, high-output exposure head, the PlateRite FX1524 handles flexo plates, letterpress plates and thermal ablative film up to 42" x 60". What's more, the easy-loading mechanism securely mounts large-size flexo plates, increasing prepress efficiency and productivity.

The reason for selecting platerite Fx1524 is many, cites Ankit Darji who joined the company in 2008 after completing his Engineering in Polymer from Napier University, Scotland. He says, “After a lot of deliberations, we opted for the Screen Platerite FX 1524. Apart from giving us a proud feeling to have a Dainippon Screen machine installed for the first time in the country, this machine enables us to image plates at 4800 Dpi resolution, which is the highest anyone can offer at present.”

The PlateRite FX1524 features a 64-channel laser imaging head and newly developed screening technology. It offers a maximum imaging resolution of 4,800 dpi and a maximum plate output of 4 square meters (43.75 square feet) per hour. Flexo Dot Hi-Res Hybrid Screening, Screen's halftone dots developed especially for flexo and letterpress printing, creates highlights that are optimized for plate-making and printing. Once a press result is available, we can analyse the samples and put in values of dot gain in our software which
helps giving each client a consistent result throughout in their jobs.

He added, “Before zeroing in on this machine we did check all the possibilities available in the market. With other options available in present market, Dainippon Screen FX1524 has distinct features which enabled the user to use any plates at a best resolution. The other best part about this machine is that we can reproduce the same data present in the artwork onto the plates without doing any sorts of modification. We have been able to reproduce dots of 0.5% at screen 150LPI at 4800dpi using flexo dots using linear curve. With these distinct features, our clients enjoy a quality product which helps them eliminate problems faced during printing of Vignets. Our clients have praised our new digital products quoting about the smooth tonal range and printing their artwork without worrying about the breakage of screens in highlights and shadow regions.

With this new machine, we are now capable to provide flexo plates with ruling from 120, 133, 150, 175, 190 and 210 LPI.

The installation was successfully carried out on 26th May and for training purpose, Dainippon Screen has appointed a local engineer along with a specialized engineer from Singapore, mentioned Ankit. He also mentioned that they have got packaging software called PACKZ from Hybrid Software through Malhotra Graphics. “This software enables us to carry out pre-press correction for output of the files for flexo plates. We are again the first one to book this software in India. Also, we have state of the art plate processing equipments from Degraf (formerly known as Mekrom) Italy. We have got an exposing machine which is all in one (built in water cool bed, dryers and curing facility) as well an inline processor for washing digital plates from same company. All our machines are PLC controlled, added Ankit.

The PlateRite FX1524 accommodates a number of screening methods for consistently exceptional results. These include standard AM screening, Screen's Flexo Dot Hi-Res Hybrid Screening and Spekta 2 hybrid screening. A Multi-Screening module that employs a different type of screening for each object being printed is available. The PlateRite FX1524, along with Screen's EQUIOS Flexo Series workflow, screening technology, high-resolution output devices and a full complement of proofing software and hardware, is a component of Screen’s Packaging Solution offering.

“Any requirement in flexo and we have a solution present with us that can cater to the requirements of narrow web label printers, wide web CI flexo, corrugated box printers, flexible film converters, container printers, and many more. Our foresight is to capture all segments in the market where ever plates made in our machine has got its application. Currently we are targeting all local and nation level narrow and wide web flexo printers who we were not be able to without this machine. Next five years plan of ours is to add Cyrel in the round sleeve flexo plate making facility installed,” signed off Ankit.