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Monday, July 14, 2014

ID Technology's integrated labeling system labels top and bottom of your packages

One of the great things of being part of ID Technology is the huge number of labeling applications we can handle. Our LSI facility in New Jersey specializes in designing and building integrated labeling solutions for a wide range of industries and this Model 1800 System is a good example.

The customer is a meat packaging company, packaging a range of fresh meat products in vacuum sealed packages. The customer needed the flexibility to be able to accurately apply pressure sensitive labels to the top and bottom of the package or just to either the top or bottom. In addition, variable date codes had to be printed onto the labels at the time of labeling.

Being designed for use in a meat packing environment, this Model 1800 is built using stainless steel and anodized aluminium. It uses two of our Series 40 label applicators, one mounted above the low profile, split conveyor and one below. Each label applicator has an ID Technology Compact 32d, thermal transfer overprinter fitted, to take care of date coding needs.

The touch screen interfaces for the Series 40 applicators are mounted in the central stainless steel control box. The label sequence controls, allows the operator to quickly set up for the particular label configuration needed for the next production job.

This integrated labeling system is intended to run at 75 products per minute and is just one of the many ID Technology labeling solutions that are available for the meat processing industry. All are designed to be tough enough to handle the conditions found in your business.