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Friday, July 11, 2014

Live demonstrations highlight benefits of Sidel labeller at International conference

In developing the Rollsleeve labeller, Sidel has focused on minimising maintenance, reducing environmental impact, saving on costs, and the branding opportunities shrink-sleeve labels present to generate shelf appeal in what is a competitive marketplace.  As part of the two day event in April presented at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Sidel staged a visit for customers from several countries to the 400,000 square foot facility of labelling partner Verst Group Logistics to see various sleeving production lines in action.

The live demonstrations allowed visitors to see for themselves the respective benefits of the different technologies, with the Sidel Rollsleeve labeller, which has recently been installed as part of an expansion programme for Verst's production area, drawing particular attention.  Designed to meet a growing demand for shrink- sleeve labels, Sidel Rollsleeve is a rotary labeller equipped with an ergonomically designed, robust and precise linear labelling station. It can switch easily between shrink-sleeve labels for shaped containers and classic hot-melt applications. The infeed and outfeed wheels, the container platforms all driven by servomotors, and a single rotating knife allow a clean and precise cut every time and a high quality labelling application at very high speed. It also offers the ability to use multiple types of label material for sustainability and cost savings.

The Sidel Rollsleeve labeller carries out the seaming and wrapping of all labels inside the machine itself.  It does so without the use of solvents and this, combined with the use of film material up to 50% thinner than other comparable systems, reduces its environmental footprint.  The labeller operates with a range of film thicknesses from 18 to 40 microns - with film of 30 microns being typically used.  By carrying out the seaming of labels inside the machine, the solution simplifies converting and eliminates the need to outsource sleeve manufacture.

Most importantly, Sidel's Rollsleeve labeller makes it possible for beverage producers, packers and co-packers to undertake the precise application of quality labels at very high speed, clearly evident during the live demonstrations.  It can run at rates of up to 54,400 bottles per hour, depending on bottle specifications and equipment and whether the machine is running in 'Roll-Sleeve' or 'Shrink-Sleeve' production mode.  Such high outputs can again contribute to further savings on shipping, storage and energy costs.

Yann Renard, Business Development Manager for Labelling, Sidel, said: "The way products are labelled has a significant impact on their success in the marketplace, with the design and branding a major influencer on consumer purchasing decisions.  Producing attractively labelled products cost effectively is therefore key.  These events are an ideal opportunity for visitors to actually see the technology working. The Verst facility proved an excellent venue for demonstrating the capabilities of our Rollsleeve labeller and how it can add real value to labelling operations."