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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Herma's No-Label effect : Clearly the best even in challenging situations

The no-label effect is very popular – Herma's multi-layer adhesive 62Gpt enables transparent film to cover a broad range of applications.

The no-label look is now easy to achieve even if the label has to offer fast and strong tack, and whenever food regulations need to be considered. With immediate effect, Herma is applying the innovative multi-layer adhesive 62Gpt to a transparent film. Forming part of the HermaPerfectTack range, the adhesive offers outstanding initial tack even in difficult conditions. It is being applied to the Herma PP 50 transparent film (grade 885) which, thanks to its special surface treatment, delivers good print quality with all the conventional printing techniques. In combination, the two constituents produce visually very appealing, glossy labels. The release liner is a 30 µm PET film. Using this new transparent stock, label printers can now cover a very broad range of applications and reduce their inventories of special materials.

Excellent clarity
In view of the film's outstanding transparent quality, it is especially suitable for toiletries and personal hygiene product containers. In addition, the new adhesive makes fresh opportunities available for exploiting the popular no-label effect across more product categories. In particular, this includes applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic segments. In this context, the 62Gpt adhesive is suitable for direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foodstuffs (correction factor 2) according to trials conducted by the German test institute ISEGA. At the same time, it offers users compelling processing properties.