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Eminence Business Media

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Canon Launches Entry Level Océ VarioStream 7170 and 7110 Digital Continuous Feed Specialty Printing Systems

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has launched the flash-fusing, toner-based Océ VarioStream 7170 and 7110 specialty printing systems. These entry-level, monochrome continuous feed solutions are aimed at corporate and commercial environments with low to mid-range volumes of transaction, direct mail, product instruction collateral and applications requiring special media.

"For customers desiring to drive unique specialty applications in black and white, the Océ VarioStream 7170 and 7110 solutions provide outstanding productivity and performance that is easy to operate and maintain," said Junichi Yoshitake, senior vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "Using these systems, Canon's customers can expand the range of printing applications they can support, opening opportunities to provide additional print-related services to their respective clients."

Smart, time-saving features, such as automatic paper loading, can substantially reduce and simplify set-up time. Automatic resolution detection and switching further reduce operator intervention. Economical first page printing eliminates substantial special media waste over the printer's lifetime. The positive impact this has on productivity makes the Océ VarioStream 7170 system well suited for short-run printing and quick-change jobs.

In addition to standard paper, VarioStream 7170 non-contact flash-fusing technology allows users to process a wide range of special-media applications such as adhesive labels, thin paper or plastic ID cards, RFID tags and light-weight forms. The non-contact flash-fusing bonds the toner without heat transfer or exerting pressure, putting less strain on the paper and keeping it in outstanding condition for finishing. The short and straight paper path allows the substrate to remain flat throughout the device, enabling users to process special media that cannot withstand paper path deflections or the heat and pressure of normal fusing.

The LED image generator delivers excellent output at up to 600 dpi with high-optical density for professional-grade text, graphics and barcodes and easily fulfills the tough legibility standards for 2D and 3D bar code printing. As a result, users have the flexibility to take on a wide portfolio of print jobs.

Based on the Océ VarioStream family, the Océ VarioStream 7170 engine is equipped with the newest and powerful Scaleable Raster Architecture (SRA) controller technology. Customers can seamlessly operate the Océ VarioStream 7170 system side by side with all other Canon continuous feed printers. It can be used as a proofing device and as a backup to other Océ VarioStream systems. The state-of-the-art graphic user interface provides easy, intuitive operation, resulting in availability and efficiency with minimal set-up times and outstanding overall productivity. Thanks to its simplicity and online help, operators can quickly become familiar and productive.

In addition to the new Océ VarioStream 7170 system, a slower speed version will be available later in 2014. Running at 114-letter pages per minute two-up, the Océ VarioStream 7110 system will extend the speed choices within the Océ VarioStream product line. This monochrome printer will benefit customers needing the versatility of the 7170 model, but with a lower monthly print volume.

Shipments for the VarioStream 7170 are now available. The VarioStream 7110 will be available starting in September, 2014.