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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chandigarh based Red Packaging Solutions adds a Mark Andy 2200 for fast-paced growth

Chandigarh based Red Packaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has recently gone into a diversification mode keeping in view the company’s fast-paced growth in the packaging sector. The need to also deliver high quality labels along with packaging requirements to its most demanding customers, led them to add a high end flexo press to finally specialize in pressure-sensitive label printing.

Mr. Ishu Goel, Director - Red Packaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have all along been studying the high end flexo press market to meet his demand. When the time for selection came, Mr. Goel could think of none other than Mark Andy – a leading design & manufacturer in the printing & converting industry and chose to buy the most versatile, highly economical and user-friendly Mark Andy 2200 press from Flexo Image Graphics.

“At Red Packaging Solutions, our sole objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction of our customers through high print quality. Having gained success in the packaging sector, our customer’s demand levels are steadily increasing. To intensify our effort in consistently producing high quality packaging and labels and also open up avenues for great opportunities in new premium labels markets, we opted for the Mark Andy 2200 press,” says Mr. Goel.

"Looking to specialize in the production of self-adhesive labels for a wide range of industries, the new press will enable Red Packaging to offer a "premium-quality" range of labels to customers and will help ensure consistency and efficiency. Describing the new press as a "productivity platform" Mr. Goel added, “I’m very satisfied with the Mark Andy 2200 press and its exemplary printing capabilities. The purpose of our investment in the new Mark Andy press is two-fold. One, we wanted to invest in the latest technology for high quality production of labels and second is providing Value Added Services to our customers at every stage."

With latest technology, innovative techniques and modern infrastructure, the Chandigarh-based company enjoys a lasting patronage of highly demanding and quality-conscious clients. “The press is designed to enable the production of labels for diverse applications. The potential of the MA 2200 is almost immeasurable and the new press is sure to fulfill the extremely high demands and complex requirements of our greatly changing market. One of the most flexible and productive presses on the market today Mark Andy 2200 press is going to provide us maximum versatility and flexibility and is sure to extend our reach into "increasingly discerning" markets“ adds Mr. Goel.

“The Mark Andy 2200 is the converting system of preference at a price that makes sense for those especially who are new entrants in the market,” says Mr. Gourav Roy, MD, Flexo Image Graphics. “The Mark Andy 2200 was the first narrow-web press to incorporate the revolutionary "QC" quick change inking system. Today, our 2200 is still the high demand press with a versatility that allows it to be used for a wide variety of converting applications employing pressure sensitive stock, paper, foil, gummed stock, heat seal material, light weight tag and data processing stock, plus print both sides of the web in a single pass,” added Mr. Roy.

“I’ve known Mark Andy for a long time and always judged it a serious and modern company with a special dedication to innovation in presses. But this is the first time we have gone for it,” affirms Mr. Goel. “This is just the start of a close co-operation with FIG & Mark Andy and we might as well look forward to add some new installations as the demands for the label and packaging markets in our fold increases,” concluded Mr. Goel.