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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BDT Media Automation, Fuji Dimatix and Phoseon to develop complete printing solution for packaging market

BDT Media Automation GmbH, a market leader for B2 format feeders in digital printing, FujiFilm Dimatix, Inc., one of world’s leading providers of inkjet printheads for commercial and industrial printing, and Phoseon Technology, a leader in UV LED curing solutions for commercial and industrial applications have agreed to work together to develop a complete digital printing solution for packaging applications. The system will take ad-vantage of the flexibility of the BDT Tornado media handling technology and the versatility of UV printing provided by Fuji-Dimatix and Phoseon. The first demonstration of the solution will be at the Pack Expo International in Chicago, Nov. 2-5, 2014.

The Tornado-based Product Feeder (TPF) and Print-system will be able to perform off-line pro-cessing of standard packaging materials including coated and uncoated cardboard, corrugated board, and paper stock, as well as more exotic packing materials such as metallic foils and plastics. The solution will feed, align, print, cure and stack – all with minimal user intervention and greatly shortened job set up times.

“We are very pleased to be cooperating with Fuji Dimatix and Phoseon, two market leaders in their respective fields, to bring the TPF system to market. This development will bring the best of material handling and UV digital printing to package manufacturers”, said Ralf Hipp, Vice President of Print Media Handling at BDT. “Our goal is to enable higher shop profitability by en-abling our customers to achieve unprecedented packaging job flexibility.”

“FujiFilm Dimatix is the world’s leading supplier of piezoelectric drop-on-demand ink jet products for industrial applications,” said Howard Baldwin, Vice President of Sales at FujiFilm. “The synergy of material handling, printing and LED curing together will deliver an optimal industrial solu-tion for both end users and OEM’s.”

“Phoseon Technology is excited to support BDT’s TPF system by providing leading-edge UV LED curing capability,” said Chad Taggard, Vice President of Marketing at Phoseon. “The combination with Fuji Dimatix and BDT showcases how industry leaders can work together to enable customers higher productivity solutions with improved quality.”

The TPF system can be seen at the Pack Expo International in Chicago at the BDT booth – E-9705 in Lakeside Lower Hall.