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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brilliance Tube: Market launch of decorated packaging Sanner underscores market leadership with expansion of portfolio for effervescent tablet packaging

Sanner GmbH, a manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products, is expanding its portfolio. The new Brilliance Tube for effervescent tablets with in-mold labeling (IML) and the proven desiccant closures offers customers a complete solution.

Photorealistic printing and more legible product information are some of the advantages of the newly launched Brilliance Tube packaging from Sanner GmbH. Combined with proven Sanner desiccant closures, the tubes are best suited for effervescent tablets, but also work with conventional or coated tablets and other solid pharmaceutical products. Manufactured using IML technology, the packaging offers customers a wide range of design options and a premium-quality appearance. Brilliance Tubes combined with proven Sanner desiccant closures protect their contents perfectly against light and moisture.

The advantage of IML technology is that packaging production and decoration are combined into a single process. Printed labels are placed in the mold and the liquid plastic is injected. The temperature of the plastic causes the label to fully bond with the tube. Additionally the geometry of the tube base ensures that the tubes can be easily packaged in standard commercial sales trays.

Expansion of Effervescent Packaging product range
"The development of Brilliance underscores our leadership position in the field of Effervescent Packaging. It is especially important for us to support our customers as a system supplier across the entire supply chain," explained Sanner CEO Holger Frank. This includes the systematic development of efficient logistical solutions. Sanner customers get everything from a single source: from printed labels and the manufacturing of decorated tubes up to delivery.

"Our customers can always rely on proven Sanner quality. In addition, having a centrally-located contact reduces organizational effort,” Frank emphasized. "Our customers can efficiently purchase their decorated tubes with different fitting types of closures. Thus, Brilliance enables us to meet customer demands with more flexibility."

More attention at the point of sale
Unlike conventional printed packaging, tubes manufactured using the IML technology offer high quality, photorealistic printing with a choice of textures and finishes. Up to eight colors and metallic effects are possible to make packaging - especially for food supplements - stand out at the point of sale. Labels that are easy to read with smaller font sizes provide more space for important product information. The high-impact, scratch-resistant material is extremely durable.

Using modern communication media such as integrated QR codes makes it easier for customers to access additional information about the manufacturer and product.

Based in Bensheim, Germany, Sanner GmbH develops and produces high-quality plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products. The world's leading manufacturer of desiccant caps, Sanner produces two billion plastic parts each year for standard and customized packaging solutions. With 500 employees in Germany, China, Indonesia, India, Hungary and the U.S., the company generated annual sales of 55.5 million Euros in 2013.