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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scottish label manufacturer CV Labels invests in a second Nilpeter press

Scottish label manufacturer CV Labels Limited has invested in a second Nilpeter FB-2500 UV-flexo press, in just eighteen months, to keep up with the demand for self-adhesive labels from its pharmaceutical customer base. CV Labels also has increasing demand from other sectors, including the food and drinks industry.

The configuration of the new press includes six UV–flexo units, hot air dryers, a die-cutting module, a laminating unit, and a turn bar to facilitate reverse-side cutting. The Nilpeter has a top speed of 228 meters per minute (750 feet per minute). Having two Nilpeter FB-2500 presses, CV Labels can easily keep up with the demand for pressure sensitive label production from its pharmaceutical, medical, and electronics clients.

Bob Veitch established CV Labels in 1989 and quickly identified the customer opportunities best suited to his team’s skills, such as specialised substrates, security inks, and encoded labels for blood transfusion bags. The company also supplies sterilization labels with colour changing inks, syringe labels and cryogenic products for liquid nitrogen freezing. CV Labels are the only Scottish label manufacturer to attain the coveted P.S. 9000:2011 pharmaceutical quality certified supplier status.

CV Labels Production Manager, Ricky Weatherston commented, “Recently we refurbished and extended our factory, which presented us with the opportunity to accommodate the second Nilpeter”. Ricky went on to say, “Our first Nilpeter has been running high quality labels since it was installed eighteen months ago and to date we have experienced the reliability and maintenance levels which we expected. This gave us confidence to invest in the second press”.

Susan Veitch, CV Labels Sales Director, is keen to drive more sales for high-quality specialised labels, hoping that the company will soon have to invest in a third Nilpeter.