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Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting the inside track on inkjet at The Inkjet Conference

Fast-paced developments in inkjet engineering and nanoparticles will be among the topics highlighted at the inaugural Inkjet Conference, staged by ESMA, a leading, non-profit association in Europe for specialist printing manufacturers of screen and digital print technology, at the Swissôtel in Neuss (Düsseldorf), Germany, September 30 and October 1 2014.

The biggest Northern European Conference of its kind for this industry sector will feature exhibitors and speakers from Adphos, Agfa, Caldera, Chemstream, Colorgate, Fujifilm dimatix, Gew, GIS, Huntsman, Industrial Inkjet, KNF, Pall, Printaled, Sunchemical, Toyoink, Trident, Wifag, Xaar, Xennia and Indujet.

The two-day, multi-subject educational conference, sponsored by enabling partner drupa, has been developed specifically for inkjet equipment manufacturers. It will comprise of:
  • A focus on inkjet engineering and the placing of a million drops that will feature hardware and software aspects of equipment design and manufacture. Areas touched on will include fluid systems, precision engineering, printheads, digital asset management, RIPs, colour calibration and workflow.
  • Fluid and ink components will be reviewed such as nano particles, laboratory equipment, rheometers, particle size analyzers, conductive, aqueous and UV inks.
  • The academic track is open to all universities and non-commercial research institutes to present their work.
Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA comments: “Inkjet is becoming a mainstream print technology. Since the introduction of high resolution single pass printheads there have been more than five new inkjet presses announced every year. Whether labels, textiles, packaging, ceramics or graphics, inkjet print technology is bridging the differences between applications and positioning print into the manufacturing environment.”

He continues: “The conference aims to showcase technologies and spotting trends, enabling emerging technologies of printed electronics and functional fluids to learn and partner with those that have been successful in enabling volume adoption of inkjet technology in manufacturing applications.”

Among the topics under close scrutiny at the conference will be:
Ink Supply Systems: Fluid systems for recirculating inkjet systems have some demanding requirements. Experts will discuss fluid compatibility, the threat of copy/ fake components and avoiding pressure pulses by design and how low cost sensor technology removes some of the complexity involved in design.

Printheads: Several printhead manufactures expect to announce new products or product availability this year or early next year. There are presentations from the leading manufactures and the opportunity to meet and discuss your requirements face to face with the suppliers at this two day event.

UV LEDs, Bulbs, & IR systems: UV as a surface treatment - Bulbs and LED – Pinning, Drying and Curing. The more you understand about curing and drying the more complicated it becomes. Industry experts will discuss some of the lesser known details of UV and IR.

Datapath: An essential part of any systems is the glue that connects the image file to the printheads.

Inkjet Ink: Whether new market or new technology, experts on inkjet ink technology will discuss advancements in chemistry that provide for a broader range of inks for a broader range of applications. Aqueous for textiles and non-textiles, new ceramic inks, what is really meant by low migration and what do we expect to see next.

For latest news and updates on The Inkjet Conference or to register, log on to www.TheIJC.com