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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sun Chemical introduced packaging innovations that help packaging stand out on store shelves

Visitors to the Sun Chemical stand at ExpoPrint Latin America 2014, discovered a broad portfolio of packaging solutions for all markets from Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC that help packaging stand out on the shelf.

“Brand owners need their packaging to make an impression on the shelves - grab attention,” said Fernando Tavara, President, Sun Chemical Latin America. “Packaging that stands out has a better chance of being handled and purchased. It is also important that the brand’s colors are consistent across all packaging so that it is recognizable. During ExpoPrint, we introduced our guests to a full range of solutions that help maintain color consistency on all packaging substrates, offer special effects on packaging and enhance productivity in the supply chain.”

Sun Chemical to Demonstrate SunLase Laser Marking Solutions
Visitors of the Sun Chemical/DIC booth were introduced to SunLase laser marking solutions, a coating that enables brand owners to add information to both secondary and primary packaging information after the filling and closure of the pack, whether for practical supply chain purposes or as a late stage pack differentiator.

The SunLase solution prints a transparent or tinted coating onto a packaging substrate during the printing process. After the packaging has been sealed, variable coding graphic information, such as barcodes, QR codes, and “Use By” dates or branding, can be created using a low power CO2 or fiber laser to change the color of the patch to black where marked, with no risks to the packaged product.

Guests could see how SunLase works first-hand with live demonstrations which showed how a collection of images, such as QR codes, barcodes, logos, text, and serial numbers, appear on various substrates, including corrugated board and film.

Special Effects Coatings Help Draw Attention to Products on the Store Shelf
Sun Chemical showed visitors how they can make their products stand out on shelf and engage consumers with special effects printing using SunInspire specialty inks and coatings. Guests were shown the impact SunInspire inks and coatings can make to consumers with the samples that were on display. Some of the samples included various metallic effect options. The metallic effect is most commonly used in packaging to communicate premium positioning. It also delivers on demand effects, optimizing productivity, cost, and waste, compared to metallized substrates or hot/cold foil stamping.

Sun Chemical’s wide range of SunInspire specialty coatings offers a variety of visual special effects that help packages increase their shelf prominence, including high brilliance metallic silver, gold and polychromatic, fluorescent, pearlescent, iridescent, interference, tactile and relief.

Maintaining Color Consistency on all Packaging Substrates
Sun Chemical showed guests how to use PantoneLIVE, a cloud-based color service that gives brand owners, designers and printers alike the ability to accurately predict how their brand spot colors will reproduce on a wide variety of print processes and substrates.

As X-Rite/Pantone’s preferred partner, Sun Chemical is already fully aligned with PantoneLIVE and ink formulations behind PantoneLIVE are already known through its Global Shade Library, a database of colors that increase both the consistency and accuracy of ink color matches. Every PantoneLIVE color request to Sun Chemical can be created using this global platform to maintain color consistency on all packaging.

Sun Chemical Shows Metal Decorating Options for Packaging
Visitors were also introduced to Sun Chemical’s specialized solutions for metal decoration including its SunDuo, SunTrio and SunAltec inks.

The high value, flexible, and robust SunDuo ink range offers high speed decorator performance suitable for printing on steel and aluminum cans. SunDuo features excellent printability at high speeds and good adhesion in both varnishable and non-varnishable ranges. Such features allow for impressive mileage and a high pigment load for printers producing two-piece metal cans.

SunTrio inks are versatile, flexible, cost effective and highly resilient—suitable for all types of metal cans and closures, from crowns to pails, aluminum pilfer proof caps, aerosols, food cans, drawn fish cans, and more. Able to efficiently produce metal packaging with excellent press performance, the SunTrio ink series features low misting and good adhesion between layers and to the substrate. The line also includes a low migration ink series available for food and other sensitive packaging. With excellent printability at high speeds, the SunTrio ink series provides an effective solution for three-piece metal deco applications.

The SunAltec product range offers excellent performance, superior quality, highest productivity, and highest adhesion properties for monobloc aerosols, monobloc drink bottles, and aluminum collapsible tubes. The line can be used across multiple platforms and offers flexible alternatives, including thermal, catalytic and UV drying.

Full Range of Solutions on Display for Narrow Web Printers
A wide range of solutions were also on display for narrow web printers, including the SolarFlex Nova SL range of UV flexo inks. Intended for the printing of labels, tags, sleeves, tickets and other applications typically found in the narrow web market, SolarFlex Nova SL features flow optimization for press performance, low odor for sensitive applications, fast curing for higher press speeds, and a color strength that has been increased for finer anilox choices. Formulated without any volatile organic compounds and compliant with the Nestlé regulations, the SolarFlex Nova SL range can increase color gamut and/or lower ink consumption.

Narrow web visitors at Sun Chemical’s booth also had the opportunity to learn about its SunCure Flexo UV product range which provide UV light-curing inks and coatings for packaging printers that efficiently meet changing job requirements on a wide variety of paper and board. SunCure inks and coatings provide a wide color gamut, excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, fast cure response, and UV light curing for paper and board and sensitive applications. It is suitable for in-line or off-line coatings.