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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eagle Systems increases Cold Foil efficiencies and effectiveness for Rhode Island’s Packaging Graphics

Eagle Systems, Inc., a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, today announced the completed installation of its Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system at the manufacturing operations of Packaging Graphics, LLC in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Packaging Graphics is a leading manufacturer of blister cards, folding cartons, thermoformed blisters, trays and clamshells. They produce high-end consumer packaging value-added offerings through in-line capabilities and eye catching inks, coatings and designs. The Eagle was installed early last week, and now operates in unison with the company’s Man Roland press. For more product information, go to www.thefoilexperts.com.

“Our clients choose Packaging Graphics for many reasons, but the one-stop packaging solution seems to be high on the list,” notes Greg Iannuccillo, Vice President of Sales. “We have a 300,000 square foot self-contained facility which houses engineering, prepress, the manufacturing of print, die cutting, windowing, gluing, and EAS tag application, as well as all thermoforming operations. The facility also stores our make-and-hold finished goods and raw material inventory. The Eagle System allows even our sophisticated operation to run lower quantities without sacrificing efficiencies. With the ever changing world of speed-to-market, the Eagle System enables us to be more productive and make-ready conscious while controlling costs.

“Previously, we had a different cold foil unit installed on the press [Man Roland Prindor], but with the Eagle System, we expect to expand our services, as well as be more responsive to the immediate needs of our growing client base. One key advantage the system offers us is the use of narrow webs of foil, which in turn delivers significant material savings. And, its ease-of-use greatly reduces our learning curve, while integrating seamlessly with our workflow.

“Our research and direct interviews with other Eagle users really convinced us. Even after committing to the system, we were comforted to see videos of our new system as it was being manufactured. With the installation completed in just days, we’re eager to introduce our clients to how much more we can now offer them.”

The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil System
The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system is a value-added finishing technique for cold foil applications. The add-on system can retrofit to new or existing 28-inch up to 80-inch sheet-fed offset presses from most major press manufacturers. It offers users the flexibility to apply a single 40-inch width of foil or multiple widths of foil, in any combination, as narrow as 2- inches. This ability greatly reduces foil cost and consumption. In addition, the cold foil system operates on about the same amount of electricity as a 1,500 watt hair dryer, reducing energy demands in production environments. This year, Eagle Systems has added the ability to use a 16,000k foil roll which allows for less change over during a job run.

The Eco-Eagle system provides the benefits of high-quality performance and reliability, as well as efficient machine-ability and cost effectiveness. Spot or overall foil coverage is printed inline and then overprinted at standard press speeds. The process uses standard printing plates and features setup times of less than 10 minutes. Eco-Eagle is completely automated thereby eliminating the human interface and operator/machine intervention.