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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fujifilm introduces the FLENEX series, a flexographic plate system for package printing

FujiFilm North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division announced its successful Clarity Water Washable Flexographic Plate will be included as part of a new line-up of FujiFilm Flenex flexographic plate systems. The water-washable system (digital and analog) previously known as Clarity Water-Wash Flexo Plates, will be transitioned and marketed as Fujifilm Flenex Water-Washable Plates (FW).

The Flenex FW water-washable LAM and analog plate system is able to form flat-top dots without any additional equipment, and reproduce 200lpi with halftone dots from one percent to 99 percent. Additional advantages include very good ink transfer, superior compatibility with UV, water-based, and solvent inks; wear resistance and the ability to consistently maintain good product quality even when printing long-run jobs. Compared to solvent processing, drying time is greatly reduced, productivity is increased, and there is a reduced impact on the environment. The innovative water wash system eliminates the need for solvents, wicking cloths, and thermal equipment. 

“We will transition the Clarity brand to Flenex FW Series Flexographic Plates over the coming months,” said Jon Fultz, business development manager - Packaging, FujiFilm North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “Clarity has been an industry changing technology, advancing image quality while eliminating solvents and thermal processing. Our customers have been able to dramatically reduce their processing time while increasing productivity; that’s a winning combination. With the inclusion of flexo plates and offering platesetters through our new agreement with Esko, along with our industry leading flexo inks and also the Graphium, a digital inkjet press, this truly demonstrates our commitment to be the leading supplier in the packaging industry,” added Fultz.

“The water-washable plate system from Fujifilm is 75% faster compared to our previous plate making system,” said Ron Cowhick, flexographic supervisor, Universal Products, Inc. “It provides a much cleaner print.  The plates are more durable, not brittle.  This processor is user friendly, and we really like the way it works. If someone is still using the old plate-making method, I highly suggest they change,” added Cowhick.