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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

UPM Raflatac introduces new Vanish range of ultra-thin, truly invisible clear film label stocks

UPM Raflatac announces the launch of Vanish - a new range of ultra-thin, clear films for beverage, personal care and food package labeling in the Americas. These innovative products challenge current industry standards for the no-label look on glass and other clear rigid containers.

Invisible never looked so good
UPM Raflatac’s new Vanish range of clear PET films redefines how companies can maximize brand representation while boosting quality and performance to new levels. Featuring a 0.92 mil face stock, these thin, yet robust products are the perfect canvas for innovative imagery previously considered unattainable by creative designers. Additionally, their dimensional stability, excellent ink reception and dispensing properties allow manufacturers to embrace new productivity gains and realize packaging material reductions throughout their processes.

A disappearing act for beverage labels
By utilizing Vanish film label stocks rather than pre-printed bottles and cans, companies in the beverage industry can lower investment costs – and increase storage space. Manufacturers will no longer need to maintain large inventory levels with the risk of a sudden change in messaging or graphics, and these products will allow for new decorating methods (raised textures, scents, glow-in-the-dark inks or UV fluorescent imagery) and increase the capability to create small batches, seasonal brews or even spur-of-the-moment, event-specific options. Additionally, UPM Raflatac’s Vanish label stocks feature a water-whitening resistant adhesive to help ensure bottles and cans retain a high-end, no-label look in the ice chest or cooler as well as on the shelf.

Hungry for change in food package labeling
In food package labeling, a segment that has traditionally relied heavily on paper labels, Vanish films allow manufacturers to showcase the most important element – the actual product. Utilizing Vanish on glass or rigid plastic containers gives designers and brand owners increased flexibility to incorporate the product into graphic designs while maintaining an emphasis on the brand and company logo. In a sea of paper labeling on the retail shelf, this bold approach can create “a clear advantage” to positively influence consumer purchasing decisions.

The clear advantage in personal care
For decades, the true no-label look has been highly sought after in the personal care industry – and Vanish takes it a step further. With even thinner PET face materials paired with high-performance adhesives and clear PET film liners, companies can increase the dramatic effect of their visuals on clear glass and rigid PET containers and boost product quality impressions with few, if any, design setbacks. Vanish label stocks also open new doors for creative teams, as graphics can now genuinely fit brand owner needs. With these clear-on-clear products, square halos and cut corners are no longer visible; circular or irregular patterns are possible; and new opportunities for transparency, metallic accentuation and opaque lettering are emerging.

“The industry standard for the no-label look is shifting, and a new era of labeling is here,” says Patrick Goss, Head of Marketing & Innovation, Americas. “Our Vanish products are a remarkable achievement in labeling that you’ll have to see to appreciate. It’s just that, ironically, you won’t really see the label at all.”