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Friday, November 14, 2014

Multi Packaging Solutions consolidates and standardizes business processes with EFI Radius

EFI, a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, announced that New York City-based Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) is standardizing its entire multi-national production operations on the newest version of EFI Radius ERP software. The ERP upgrade will consolidate and integrate operations following MPS’s February 2014 merger with Chesapeake Corp., creating a comprehensive, efficient infrastructure to manage the value-added print and packaging offerings MPS provides to many of the world’s leading consumer product and healthcare companies.

Both MPS and the former Chesapeake Corp. have been long-time EFI Radius users but operated using their own, unique deployments across their various facilities, something that will now change as MPS establishes highly flexible, albeit consistent, business management processes using the packaging industry’s leading ERP system. MPS has signed a new contract for Radius ERP software, services and training that give the company the flexibility to expand from a standard platform and quickly adapt to its rapidly changing markets.

“The merger MPS and Chesapeake completed this year creates many new opportunities for growth and operational synergies,” said Nancy Smith, MPS’s vice president of customer systems. “Standardizing all of our operations on the latest EFI Radius platform will help us streamline management for our global operations, reduce waste, and service our customers more effectively, giving our customers even more value in their packaging supply chains.”

“MPS is now one of the world’s largest users of EFI Radius MIS/ERP software, with EFI Radius installed at more than 40 MPS facilities across three continents,” said Marc Olin, EFI’s chief operating officer. “We are happy Radius software has helped MPS facilities manage profitable growth in the past, and we are excited to be partnering with this valued customer to take its global converting operations to a new, higher level in automation, efficiency and productivity.”

Streamlined integration for production efficiency across three continents
With Radius, MPS has streamlined, end-to-end business management from the point of job submission, through estimating, scheduling, production, billing and fulfillment. The software is uniquely capable at handling complex multi-plant and multi-national packaging operations; MPS has Radius installed in different languages to handle business in the U.S., China and across Europe. Radius also handles estimating, billing, financial reporting and other features at MPS facilities using different currencies based on country.

The newest upgrade at MPS will provide more-robust, centralized management and reporting tools for MPS’s New York City headquarters, assembling and standardizing data from across the company to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information on global operations using advanced business intelligence features.

“The business management infrastructure we are helping MPS create will give the company the ability to standardize operating procedures throughout the entire company. As a result, MPS will have a solid foundation that it can use to extend its competitive advantage by doing business more efficiently,” said David Taylor, general manager, EFI Radius.