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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Enter the "All Eyes On Digital Packaging!" Competition

Highcon to take package design to its limits
Highcon, Creativ Verpacken, Schindler Parent, Xeikon, Antilope, Iggesund, and rlc packaging group, are running a competition where package designers, brand managers, printers and finishers have until 28 November to showcase the most important advantages of the digital workflow through their own packaging designs. The judging criteria will be creativity, unique design and the production process.

The winner and the winning package design will be presented in the February issue of "Creativ Verpacken" and promoted on the sponsors' websites and social networks. The prize includes an exclusive 500 package production run.

The "All Eyes on Digital Packaging" competition, sponsored by Creativ Verpacken, Schindler Parent, Iggesund, rlc packaging group, Xeikon, Antilope, and Highcon, aims to demonstrate and prove the extreme design flexibility made possible by digital print, cutting and creasing.

Digital solutions are only just beginning to make headway into the packaging industry and up until Highcon, there have been no such solutions for cutting and creasing. Customers have had to decide on a design and manually produce an individual die. This process is associated not only with high costs and slow production, but also with warehouse bottlenecks and environmental pollution. Moreover, of course, any subsequent design changes translate into a repeat die production.

The Highcon Euclid has revolutionized this process.  Highcon founders Aviv Ratzman and Michael Zimmer developed the world's first digital cutting and creasing machine, and introduced it at drupa in May 2012.  It has since been installed in a dozen sites worldwide.

The machine dramatically reduces production time compared to an analogue finishing process. Conventional dies are completely replaced by the combination of Highcon's unique patented DART (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology) and a high quality laser array that performs complex cutting and etching that simply could not be achieved conventionally

Design flexibility, faster response times and more cost-effective production are just some of the advantages of the Highcon Euclid. The machine also offers shorter set-up times, easy personalisation, profitability in short runs and minimal environmental impact. Alongside the growing number of digital presses, Highcon is closing one of the last gaps in the digital workflow.

Further information can be found at: www.AllEyesOnDigitalPack.com