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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Food Safe packaging initiative takes on new dimension

A large number of food packages contain adhesives backed up by the concentrated knowledge of Henkel, the world’s biggest adhesives manufacturer. This adds to the security of both customers in the food industry and the consumers of their products. The “Food Safe Packaging” knowledge platform launched by Henkel one and a half years ago is now being made even more attractive – with an upgrade to its Premium Area offering an extensive array of information for people in the food industry.

The offerings available on the website www.henkel.com/foodsafety include webinars, white papers and videos dealing with the key issues of food safe packaging. There is also a comprehensive online glossary. All it takes is a couple of mouse clicks to bring the basics up on screen. Those wishing to delve deeper into the topic are invited to register for access to the Premium Area.

The global Premium portal has been revamped, with a clearer regional structure to its documentary resources providing an even better service to decision-makers in specific countries. Many of the mainly English documents available for downloading on the knowledge platform have also now been translated into further languages, including German, French, Spanish and Italian.

A new free text search functionality, organized according to topic, region and media type, further facilitates the finding of relevant documents within the portal. And there is a new FAQ section in which the questions of most importance to industry decision-makers are competently answered by Henkel experts. The list also includes many of the questions asked by participants in the course of the live webinars.

The food packaging applications for which Henkel adhesives are used range from cereal boxes, beverage bottle labeling and glossy pouch packages for potato chips, to film packaging for sausage, cured meats and cheese. With their know-how, Henkel’s specialists ensure that producers are able to offer the highest possible level of safety in their food packaging.

Henkel’s Food Safe Packaging initiative addresses food safety officers, quality managers, packaging developers, buyers and other stakeholders from the food and beverage industry who wish to learn more about the issues and developments related to this important subject.

Integral to this initiative is Henkel’s commitment to share knowledge, interact and collaborate with all partners along the value chain. The company is constantly building on its in-house competence, leveraging its activities in central analytics, toxicology and product development, and with a specialist team to deal with all the regulatory issues.