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Saturday, December 6, 2014

ASPA commemorates 16 years of protecting brands worldwide: Inducts four new members

Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA), the world’s only self-regulated and non-profit organization representing the interests of the entire authentication solutions industry, has completed 16 years. Formed on 1 December 1998 as HoMAI, it was re-launched in 2014 under the ASPA brand name to represent the transformation of products and services offered by its existing member companies. ASPA aims to become the singular voice of the authentication solution providers in Asia and around the world, and works closely with global authorities such as International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau (CIB) and Interpol, as well as industry bodies in India such as FICCI CASCADE, CII, ASSOCHAM and Indian Institute of Packaging.

Mr. Manoj Kochar, President, Authentication Solution Providers’ Association, said, “The last 16 years have been immensely enriching and successful for all our members. Adherence to the highest level of quality and ethical standards enshrined in the ASPA Code of Conduct has helped ASPA earn the trust of the industry and emerge as a strong voice in the hologram industry. We now strive to achieve the same for the entire ecosystem of authentication providers. We are totally committed to promoting adoption of ISO 12931 that lays down performance criteria for authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods. From time to time, ASPA also plays a pivotal role in the development of security management standards to address specific requirements of its members and the wider authentication industry. I am excited that within just months of our re-launch, we have been receiving a tremendous response from industry leaders who want to join ASPA.”

ASPA also announced that it has successfully completed the review and due diligence and has inducted four new member companies. Two of these are full members and include Manipal Technologies and Kevin Metpack Pvt Ltd.

While Manipal Technologies provides wide ranging authentication solutions to a varied range of industry verticals such as banking, telecom, education, publishing, consumer goods and retail, financial services etc. Delhi-based Kevin Metpack is a fully-integrated flexible packaging manufacturer that offers comprehensive integrated and secure flexible packaging solutions for processed foods, FMCG products etc. Simultaneously, Monotech Systems Ltd. and Creed Engineers Pvt. Ltd. have joined in as associate members and are providers of associated machines and technologies to authentication solution providers.

IQ Partners with Enfocus to address the missing link in production automation

printIQ MIS provides fully automated pre-production, from online order through to the press using IQconnect – Enfocus Switch

Enfocus, the leading provider of PDF preflight and automation solutions for the printing and publishing industries, has partnered with Australian print MIS provider IQ to fill a critical gap in the automation between prepress production and MIS. IQ provides its customers with an out-of-the-box solution that streamlines their print production workflows using Enfocus Switch, PitStop Server and various other PDF solutions.

printIQ, a 100% web-based print management system, integrates seamlessly with Enfocus Switch and Enfocus PitStop Server using the IQconnect – Enfocus Switch Module. This module increases the level of functionality and flexibility required to automate critical workflows. printIQ enables simplified estimating, easy outsourcing, tablet-based factory management and integrated inventory. The job management tools, within printIQ are unique, being designed for the digital space, and providing a paperless workflow working off real time data.

Mind the gap
IQ Director and Product Development Manager Mick Rowan explains, “A gap has always existed in the market between the traditional MIS and the prepress workflow. Our aim was to combine our own product with the best preflight and workflow automation tools on the market, to realise the key quest to automate to the press and provide a lights-out workflow.

Partnering with Enfocus offers printIQ customers a revolutionary change in workflow. One size certainly doesn’t fit all. The market is dynamic and changes continuously, demanding more flexibility from customers to adapt their production processes to the new needs. Now, with Enfocus Switch automation and PitStop Server PDF preflight and correction integration being offered through the IQconnect – Enfocus Switch Module, we have been able to extend our capabilities even further to a solution that can quickly and easily adapt to these changes.”

Filling the gap
IQconnect uses Enfocus Switch to automate repetitive tasks and reduces the number of touch points, while using PitStop Server to automatically verify PDF files and correct them when needed. Preflight reports are generated and available within printIQ to inform staff about any issues which impact the quality of the printed result, or which will cause production issues downstream. IQconnect also automates the delivery of proofs, the imposition, and management of print queues.

Rowan continues, “There has been a dearth of solutions to support the entirety of the business process in the printing industries. In some cases, print only makes up 30% of the sale. So it’s critical that the MIS of the future be able to extend beyond the current capabilities. The goal at IQ has been to address all of the weak points of the traditional print company with the goal of building an MIS that transitions a business into an efficient and modern print company in today’s print market.

Cutting to the chase, automation in print is all about simplifying the rules and implementing process discipline. Automation is code for getting your customers and business systems to do the work for you and allowing technology, your silent business partner, to make you money every step of the way. Now, with more robust automation enabled by the Enfocus integration and IQconnect, printIQ is even more powerful than before.”

An important element of the success of this relationship is the symbiotic ethos of both businesses, says Angelo Manno, Enfocus Global Account Manager, Crossroads & OEM: “Both IQ and Enfocus are committed to listening to customer feedback and responding with solutions that mirror market demands to create operational opportunities. This level of cultural alignment is critical to the long-term success of a partnership designed to help customers both innovate and automate.”

Kodak reorganizes into five divisions

Kodak has established a new organizational structure to make the company faster-moving, more competitive and more entrepreneurial. The company will have five market-focused business divisions: Print Systems; Enterprise Inkjet Systems; Micro 3D Printing and Packaging; Software and Solutions; and Consumer and Film.

These divisions will be end-to-end operating units with responsibility and accountability for portfolio, product design, engineering, services, sales, purchasing and supply chain.

“Kodak has an extraordinary product and service portfolio, groundbreaking scientific and engineering expertise, and a world-famous and highly trusted brand,” Kodak Chief Executive Officer Jeff Clarke said. “We now have the right organizational structure for deploying those strengths to drive growth. We designed this structure to sharpen our focus on performance, predictability and accountability for business results.”

Kodak’s new operating divisions, their markets and leaders are:

Print Systems Division: Led by Brad Kruchten, President, Print Systems, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, this division will serve graphic arts and commercial print customers with printing plates (including the rapidly growing Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates), computer to plate (CTP) imaging solutions, electrophotographic printing solutions (EPS), OEM toner and all equipment services.

Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division: Philip Cullimore, President, Enterprise Inkjet Systems, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, will lead this division, which will serve existing and future inkjet printing customers with Kodak Prosper Systems (including the Prosper 6000 Press, the world’s fastest and most powerful commercial inkjet press); Kodak Versamark Systems; Print on Demand Solutions (PODS); and ink OEM solutions.

Micro 3D Printing and Packaging Division: Philip Cullimore will also lead this group on an interim basis as President, Micro 3D Printing and Packaging, which serves packaging customers and display OEM partners with products such as Kodak Flexcel NX Systems and Plates, legacy packaging solutions and touch sensor films.

Software and Solutions Division: Eric-Yves Mahe, President, Software and Solutions, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, will lead this unit which includes Kodak Technology Solutions, Kodak’s go-to-market engine to prioritize and monetize Kodak innovations in partnership with Kodak Research Labs; Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions; Brand Protection Solutions; Kodak Services for Business; and Design 2 Launch solutions to manage and coordinate use of brand assets.

Consumer and Film Division: Steven Overman, President, Consumer and Film, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, who is also Kodak’s Chief Marketing Officer, will lead Kodak’s most consumer-facing division, with responsibility for consumer inkjet solutions, motion picture and commercial films, synthetic chemicals, and brand licensing. This division is responsible for the exploration of other potential initiatives in the consumer space.

Kodak is combining its current four regional sales organizations into two: Europe, United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand (EUCAN) and Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (ALMA). These will be led by John O’Grady, Managing Director, EUCAN, and Vice President, Kodak, and Lois Lebegue, Managing Director, ALMA, and Vice President, Kodak. Common service and back office support will be hosted in a shared service model in each region for all businesses.

The company also is optimizing its corporate functions by eliminating overlap and enhancing accountability. The corporate functional leaders are:
  • John McMullen, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President;
  • Mark Green, Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President;
  • Steven Overman, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President;
  • Patrick Sheller, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President;
  • Terry Taber, Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice President; and
  • Kim VanGelder, Chief Information Officer and Vice President. VanGelder will now report to CEO Jeff Clarke.

These changes will be effective January 1, 2015.

New ExpertFold delivers true control

COMPETENCE 14 Open House
At the Competence 14 Open House, held at the end of November in Mex, Switzerland, Bobst premiered a brand new folder-gluer for corrugated and litho-laminated box making.

Available in two sizes - ExpertFold 145 and ExpertFold 165 - and in several variants, the machine has been designed with the needs of both sheet plant and integrated manufacturers of fluted boxes in mind. This new ExpertFold offers true control of the folding and gluing process thanks to a large number of new design features and technology innovations.

Emilio Corti, Head of Sales BU Sheet-fed, said, "We conceived the ExpertFold 145 and 165 to reflect what customers told us they need from a folder-gluer. One feature they asked for was flexibility in the type and dimensions of the substrates that could be run. They also wanted good control of the blank as it goes through the machine in order to achieve high performance with excellent box quality. That control is particularly important these days with so much production being shelf-ready packaging or destined for auto packing lines."

The design elements of the new ExpertFold which deliver these features include: AccuFeed blank alignment that ensures precise folding; a high accuracy pre-breaker which ensure excellent performance on machine-erect lines; and a folding process that minimizes fishtailing and gap. The latter is aided by an extra long folding section which creates smoother folding. Along with revolutionary creasing units at the entry, this ensures the high folding quality that manufacturers need today.

New EXPERTFOLD delivers true control
Able to fold and glue substrates from N-flute to A-flute, including double wall and litho-laminates, the ExpertFold 145 and 165 can handle blanks of up to 1'700 x 1'100mm in size and up to 25mm thick when folded. The flexibility of the models means that they can also process blanks as small as 296 x 60mm.

Jacques Reymond, Head of Product Marketing BU Sheet-fed, added, "We’ve designed these new ExpertFold models to be very robust, which means high levels of uptime along with superb control of the blank. At the same time we’ve made them truly user friendly. For example they have open side frames for ease of access, but they also have light barriers to protect the operators. Video monitoring helps the operators see what’s going on, while AccuJect and other Bobst quality assurance systems mean that they can keep on top of quality throughout the run. As you’d expect, these machines are also modular in design, so they can grow with the customer’s business."

The range of configurations and options available includes crash-lock capabilities, a 25'000 boxes per hour 4/6 corner unit and motorized/automatic setting versions. The high, 250 meters per minute, running speed of the new ExpertFold means that end of line handling can become a bottleneck without automatic packing. This is why Bobst offers Impack solutions for straight-line, crash-lock and 4/6 corner carton packing which allow users to maximize the performance of the ExpertFold.

Also making its debut appearance at Competence 14 was AccuCheck XL, the world’s first in-line, zero-fault, quality checking device for corrugated folder-gluers. Shown as a concept version, in-line with the ExpertFold 165, AccuCheck XL uses a high speed camera and the latest image processing software to inspect every box in the run for color variations or other defects. Working with the new Accuject box rejection device on the ExpertFold., this new concept creates a quality assurance system that allows manufacturers to meet today’s demand for faultless packaging, while still delivering the high speed production they need. Well received by visitors to the event, AccuCheck XL is a development which further reinforces Bobst as a leader in the provision of equipment which can deliver ‘zero fault’ packaging.

Competence 14 was attended by over 150 companies from around the world, with positive feedback being received on the new ExpertFold. models, as well as on the other equipment and services on display. These included a Mastercut 2.1 with Power Register, Masterfold 230 with Gyrobox XL and Logipack, FS Polyjoiner 400 and the wide range of Bobst services solutions.

Rustom Vesavevala to speak on Human Capital at Print Summit 2015

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ecolean opens US office for expansion in North and South America

Ecolean continues to broaden its global presence with a new office in Dallas, Texas, USA. During the last couple of years, Ecolean has expanded into several new markets in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Gaining a foothold in the growing markets in North and South America is a natural next step.

The North American market for stand-up pouches has experienced dramatic growth over the last five years. A key driver for liquid food producers to use such packaging is the increasing demand from consumers regarding food safety and convenience, and this has generated a lot of interest in Ecolean’s innovative cold-fill aseptic packaging system.

“There is a huge interest all over North and South America for new aseptic packaging solutions that emphasize safety and quality. Ecolean’s combination of environmental benefits and an attractive, safe and convenient stand-up package fits these markets perfectly,” says Andreas Jeppsson, Managing Director at Ecolean Inc.

The excellent infrastructure and strategic location makes Ecolean’s new office in Dallas perfect for easy access to the US market as well as the growing markets in Central and South America. From the new office, Ecolean will be able to offer an even higher degree of service for both existing and future customers in the region. Ecolean’s current customers in the region include Alquería in Colombia and Danone in Argentina, both of which recently launched strategically important products using Ecolean’s innovative packaging solutions.

A global company with headquarters in Sweden, Ecolean develops and manufactures innovative packaging systems for the dairy and liquid food industry. Ecolean's modern lightweight packaging is consumer convenience and environmental concern in one. 

Bobst to present latest developments at Plastindia 2015

Bobst announces its participation at Plastindia 2015 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat from February 5-10. In hall 8, stand E12/ F13, visitors are invited to receive extensive information on the latest innovations and developments in Bobst market leading web-fed equipment and services for the processing of plastic film.

Representatives from all European Bobst web-fed product lines and from Bobst India Pvt. Ltd. are looking forward to meeting professionals from the industry to present to them Bobst’s wide range printing and converting equipment including F&K CI flexo presses, Rotomec gravure presses, CL multi-technology and SL solventless laminators, the range of extrusion coating & laminating machines, the latest developments in coating lines, General vacuum metallizers, and the General Registron Hawkeye pinhole detector.

Recognizing the great potential for development of the Indian flexible materials printing and converting industry Bobst has been attending Plastindia since the 1990s. Along with the dramatic growth of the Indian economy over the last decade, Bobst has experienced a constantly growing interest and as a consequence, a significant increase in sales of its equipment for the flexible packaging industry in South Asia.

Flexo Plate Digital announced as sole distributor for Polywest

Flexo Plate Digital, a leading flexographic repro house in Southeast Asia announced today that it has become a Partner of Polywest, an official distributor of Polywest Kunststofftechnik for flexo printing sleeves and adaptors (bridge sleeves) in Indonesia, after extensive training and kick-off meeting in Germany.

Polywest is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sleeve and adapter with a wide range of products for printing and packaging industry. As of December 1, 2014 Flexo Plate Digital will represent and service all of Polywest’s products in Indonesia. “With exciting new products on the horizon, we are looking forward to establishing Polywest as a leading quality brand in Indonesia,” says Eric Oh, CEO of Flexo Plate Digital.

“We are looking forward to working with our new partner and to introduce Polywest’s sleeve solutions to existing and new customers.”

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mark Andy Print Products adds DigiFlex to pressroom supplies offerings

Mark Andy Print Products, the supplies and consumables division of Mark Andy Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of DigiFlex to its platemaking equipment offering. Mark Andy Print Products specializes in the distribution of value added platemaking equipment and a variety of pressroom supplies, specifically in support of optimizing and advancing the flexo workflow.

The DigiFlex FlexoJet system is a revolutionary inkjet based computer to plate (CTP) solution for photopolymer flexographic, letterpress, dry offset and rotary silk screen printing technologies. This unique system allows high quality, affordable analog plate materials to be imaged digitally—producing superior results with very low acquisition and ongoing costs. Mark Andy Print Products will market and distribute the DigiFlex flexographic CTP system via direct and inside sales organizations, concentrating on label and package printers and converters throughout North America. The efficiency of this equipment is an attractive solution for small format label and package printing companies to bring platemaking in house.

DuPont Cyrel, which is the leading plate material brand also carried by Mark Andy Print Products, has tested and validated the DigiFlex CTP system and has found it to be fully compatible with Cyrel solvent and Cyrel FAST plates. Joe Calmese, director of flexo consumables for Mark Andy Print Products, commented, “Having the ability to offer DigiFlex and DuPont Cyrel plates together is a unique and exclusive offering which allows us to provide a total solution to converters in their platemaking efforts. Mark Andy Print Products strives to provide unique products that truly optimize a converters’ operation. This combination will enable many of our customers to manage their own digital platemaking in-house improving their overall efficiency.”

Kevin Cazabon, DigiFlex director of sales for North America, commented, “We are proud to be associated with the premiere brand that is Mark Andy, and that they will be offering our solution to their extensive customer base. When combined with the DuPont line of high quality solvent and thermally processed flexographic plates, together we provide a unique value and return on investment for the narrow web market.”

To keep converters profitable and efficient, Mark Andy Print Products is a complete resource for all supplies, consumables and equipment to support the pressroom. The group maintains an extensive inventory and supplier network offering a full line of flexo and offset supplies. The Mark Andy Print Products mission is to offer specific value added solutions - providing the tools to truly optimize a printing operation.

DigiFlex is a high tech startup company located in Israel, the printing industry’s technology valley. The company was founded in 2008 by scientists and technologists with excellent printing industry track records. DigiFlex is operating globally with distribution channels in Europe, North America and the Far East. The DigiFlex FlexoJet 1725 is a revolutionary inkjet based CTP solution for photopolymer flexographic, letterpress, dry offset, and silk screen printing technologies. This unique system allows high quality, affordable analog plate materials to be imaged digitally; producing superior results with very low initial and ongoing costs.

Kwality Offset Printers continues to build on new technology with a MA P5 Performance Series and a Rotoflex VSI 330

After having seen the new features on their last press, a Mark Andy XP5000, they have decide to take another step forward and install the leading press within Flexo, today, the Mark Andy Performance Series.

When it comes to quality labels outsourcing, there are few converters who are an obvious choice. And Kwality Offset Printers, headquartered in Naraina Industrial Estate, New Delhi, stands tall as one of the high-end label converters in India as they are an automatic choice for both Indian and Foreign FMCG companies as well as for the liquor industry for their requirement of high quality labels.

The Performance Series P5 will be the third narrow web label press for the company, which began its flexo operations with their Mark Andy 2200 flexo machine for manufacturing self-adhesive labels. Creating a record of sorts, Kwality Offset Printer’s Mark Andy 2200 as well as XP5000 were the first ever of its configuration and model to be installed in India.

Having tasted success with the Mark Andy XP5000 press that has augmented their capacity substantially, Kwality Offset Printers continues to build on its flexo bandwagon. This time they have decided to take another step forward and installed a full automated Mark Andy Performance Series P5 Press with Auto-register, Re-register, and UV System. They have also installed a Rotoflex VSI 330 Slitter Inspection Rewind with E-GEN3 controller system to boost capacity and improve efficiencies for its in-house print shop.

A unique combination of innovation and technology, the Performance Series P5 enables quality conscious converters to produce the absolute highest quality work while maximizing their productivity far beyond today’s standards. Capable of high quality combination printing effects such as cold foil, rotary screen, chilled UV curing, as well as converting options, the Performance Series P5 is the high-end, efficient solution for the most complex print applications.

Incorporating the uniquely engineered print-head design meets the critical needs of today's converters; the Performance Series product line provides fast changeovers, simple operation and superior print quality. These very characteristics have quickly elevated the Performance Series to a leading position in the Indian flexo press market and are the highest selling technologically advanced offering in the line of Mark Andy presses.
“We primarily purchased Mark Andy XP5000 to provide high end quality labels and packaging to the FMCG, beverage, liquor and wine industries. For us at Kwality Offset Printers, that was definitely the right press at the right time. And with our ever increasing portfolio, we were more than sure that it had to be a P5 press this time,” said Mr. Rajeev Chhatwal. “Intended to primarily support pressure-sensitive label production, the Mark Andy Performance Series impressed us with its expansive capabilities and waste savings. Building on the unique print station design common to all Performance Series presses, the Performance Series P5 is adept for the everyday converter looking to achieve servo-driven productivity and high quality levels, at a good value. Eliminating several operator steps, drastically streamlining productivity and ensuring consistently high print quality and with the fastest make-ready times in the industry, makes the Performance Series P5 one of the most operator-friendly presses on the market.”

Employing the latest and finest printing technology, Kwality Offset Printers strives to meet or even exceed international quality standards. Kwality Offset Printers has also purchased a Rotoflex VSI for vertical inspection, slitting and rewinding to add to their competitive edge. “We are always exploring ways to improve our productivity while at the same time reducing our waste. We are sure this investment will not only enable us to continue working on achieving those standards but also help us meet the quick turnaround requirements of our customers, while also allowing us additional capacity to further expand our business,” added Mr. Chhatwal.

Mr. Gourav Roy, Managing Director, Flexo Image Graphics, comments: “The Indian label industry continues to be a strong and emerging market for Performance Series presses in the Asia Pacific region. The success we have seen since the introduction of the Performance Series has been astounding. The Performance Series P5 sold to Kwality Offset Printers is a high-efficiency & fully automated press. This press will help Kwality Offset Printers to meet the label demands for its customers. Kwality Offset Printers is a valued customer and FIG is extremely proud to support them in all of their endeavors.”

Servicing varied industries including Food & Beverage, Liquor, Wine, Pharma and Automobile as well as Retail Chains, Kwality offset Printers is a technical pioneer and an innovative company with several Awards to its credit. Kwality Offset Printers has time and again proved its mettle as a high quality printer by winning the National Excellence Awards in labels category for last several years regularly. “This shows the strength of our team and consistent quality standards of our products being manufactured,” signed off Mr. Chhatwal.

Cosmo Films’ highly specialized Direct thermal label films used for multitude of applications

Direct thermal label films used for multitude of applications like Information labelling (airport baggage tags etc.), manufacturing tracking, weight and price labelling; is one of the speciality films offered by Cosmo Films. In fact, the company is the only BOPP film manufacturer who has been coating films for the direct thermal printing. The film has a proprietary coating which enables image/impression formation upon contact with the print head of the thermal printer. A protective layer is generally applied to protect the coated surface from mechanical abrasion, climatic factors, chemical products etc. The film thus offers good scuff & water resistance. The film also lends an excellent paper like matte finish and produces a dark image on printing. The film is available in thickness varieties of 50 and 75 microns in single layer structure and 100 microns and above in laminated structures.

The direct thermal printing method generally used for short term indoor use is being extensively used because of its ease of use, low cost and tamper proof nature. Some of the advantages are explained below. Moreover, the film is becoming increasingly popular substrate vis-a-vis paper for this printing type because of its non-tear ability.

Ease of Use: Anyone can print direct thermal labels. Simply place the label stock into your printer and print. There’s no costly equipment to maintain, troubleshoot or fix.

Lower Cost: Direct thermal printing (DTP) is cost – effective, with a comparable cost of ownership (TCO) to thermal transfer.

Temper proof: With sensitive data imaged directly onto the BOPP DTP film, there are no data-filled ribbons to dispose of. Information is released only upon printing, protecting the privacy and primacy of sensitive information.

Reduced Inventory: Direct thermal printing labels do not use ribbons, inks or toners, allowing companies to order only the label stocks they need for their initiatives. Simplified ordering and product requirements save inventory and label costs – as well as valuable warehouse space.

Four MPS agreements signed during trade mission in Japan and Korea

MPS announced its proud participation in a recent trade mission to Japan and South Korea, accompanying the Dutch Royal House King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, and Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp. During the trade mission MPS confirmed agreements for four flexo presses (two in Japan and two in South Korea), with official signing ceremonies. In Japan orders were confirmed by Toray Industries Inc., and T&K Toka.

The trade mission took place from 27-31 October in Japan and from 2-4 November in South Korea in parallel with an official state visit by Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, to reinforce the already strong bilateral relations between Japan/South Korea and The Netherlands.

A signing ceremony was held during the trade mission in Japan, led by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp, for two MPS press orders placed by Toray Industries Inc. and T&K Toka. The orders were signed with pens in the official Dutch flag colours of red, white and blue, accompanied by a pen in the Dutch royal colour of orange to recognize a “certificate of cooperation” between the three companies.

Ordered by Toray Industries Inc. was an EF multi-substrate flexo press with the Automated Print Control (APC) advanced package for their factory in Okazaki-shi, Aichi Prefecture. Their first MPS press will be used for the development of photopolymer plates. Toray purchased the MPS press based the highly advanced Print Pressure control in combination with the stable web tension in the EF Flexo Flagship. MPS Japanese partner T&K Toka will install their new MPS press in the demo center of their factory in Saitama Prefecture.

Erik Blomjous, MPS Regional Director for Asia Pacific, participated in the official delegation of the trade mission. “It was truly a privilege and memorable experience to take part in such a prestigious trade mission, alongside the Dutch Royal House and Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs,” commented Erik Blomjous. “MPS is honoured to receive orders from four very reputable companies in Japan and South Korea, including Toray Industries Inc., a leading name in the Japanese industry. This successful trade mission has further strengthened our presence in the Asian market.”

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rotoflex unveils latest die cutting design : Versatile solution is multi-functional to support finishing workflows

Responding to converter demand for more streamlined finishing workflows and increased productivity, Rotoflex has redesigned its well-known DSI die cutting platform to be a smaller footprint machine which is faster and more responsive to today’s changing production requirements.

A powerful contributor to this redesign is the incorporation of servo drives into the platform. Smaller than the legacy AC vector motors, this reengineering has decreased the size of the power cabinet significantly, thereby reducing the footprint, a real benefit in facilities where floor space is at a premium. The independently driven servo drives manage the unwind, die cut, matrix and rewinds, and are controlled by the proprietary Rotoflex URC 2.0 control system, ensuring precise tension control and enhanced accuracy in die cutting and slitting. In addition to higher quality output, speeds are dramatically increased as well. The updated platform can now perform extremely accurate slitting and die cutting at speeds up to 1000 fpm (305 m/min), a 30% increase over production speeds of legacy DSI models.

Production managers will appreciate the versatility of this new Rotoflex DSI as well. Idle equipment does not contribute to productivity, and if a job only requires inspection and rewinding, die cutting equipment may sit idle during that job run. The updated design of the Rotoflex DSI accommodates a variety of inspection systems and the die cutting unit can be disengaged for specific jobs, meaning it may be run as a slitter/rewinder or as a die cutter, accommodating more applications and job types. This allows production managers to better manage job mix and optimize workflows.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Galloways increases proofing accuracy and reduces ink costs with GMG colour solutions

Galloways, UK  has invested in GMG proofing and colour management software to offer its clients a high level of colour accuracy from proof to print, while reducing ink costs. Based in Cheshire, Galloways is a leading commercial printer producing a wide variety of printed literature for a number of major advertising, design and marketing agencies, as well as a diverse range of direct clients. With over 140 years’ experience in the printing industry and with extensive in-house capabilities, the company prides itself on offering customers printed products executed to a very high standard.

As with most printers in the current economic climate, the way in which Galloways operates has had to change significantly over the last few years. While they produce print across the full spectrum, they recognized that a niche area for them was print requiring a high level of colour accuracy which can be costly due to the additional time and technology required. A solution that could offer both enhanced quality and produce cost efficiencies in the process was always high on the company’s agenda.

Matt Galloway, Sales and Business Development Manager, Galloways, said: “We’re always looking for ways to tailor our colour critical service and we monitor the market carefully for the latest software solutions. Through our meetings and discussions with GMG we felt that they would be an excellent partner for us and their products would help us to achieve our goals.”

“We were impressed with the results of the press/ink tests and the clarity and detail highlighted in the reports. Galloways produces a lot of colour critical work matching print to a physical product so our expectations were extremely high but so far we have been very happy with the solutions recommended by GMG.”

With guidance from GMG Technical Sales representative, Paul Bromley, Galloways has invested in GMG ColorProof software to drive its two 44-inch Epson Stylus Pro 9890 SpectroProofers for the production of high-accuracy digital proofs. Used alongside GMG ColorServer it offers the company the perfect solution for a standardised and simplified proofing and colour management model that delivers consistent colour print results time and again. With GMG ColorServer, data from different sources will behave identically on the press; the result is a marked reduction in make ready times and paper waste.

Galloways also uses the GMG Ink Optimizer software solution for fully automated ink reduction. Using GMG DeviceLink technology, the CMY colour component is reduced and the black component increased, resulting in significant ink savings for the company without affecting the proof to print balance.

Galloways has also more recently invested in CoZone Collaborate, GMG’S comprehensive web platform that includes a collaborative cloud-based content approval and monitor proofing workflow. This will enable Galloways to manage, review, proof and approve jobs within a secure online hosted soft-proofing environment. It is a cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use system for collaborating, reviewing, proofing and approving media files prior to production, which speeds up the whole process for Galloways’ clients.

Besides the two Epson Stylus Pro printers, Galloways’ production environment includes a 5-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 press, 6-colour Speedmaster CD 102 press, and Ricoh Pro C751EX production printer. Since installing GMG software, the company is able to calibrate its proofing system, digital print presses and litho presses to the same standard each day. This gives Galloways the assurance that its printed collateral, whether on coated or uncoated material, is colour accurate however it is printed. This also gives its clients peace of mind that the final product will look exactly as designed.

Matt says: “Since investing in GMG Solutions, we have been very happy with the results, knowing should we require any advice or have any particular client demands GMG support is there for us. Our investment has given us even greater confidence in our proof versus print results and the flexibility of producing both coated and uncoated proofs for approval is proving a real hit with our clients.’

GMG MD Toby Burnett says: “Galloways is a great example of a high end printing company where the importance of getting it right first time is the only option. Working in partnership with GMG has helped them to manage all processes within the litho and prepress department, from order to print, which in turn has improved productivity and the bottom line.”

Global Graphics and Delphax Technologies announce strategic relationship

Global Graphics, a developer of software platforms for digital printing, digital document and PDF applications, and Delphax Technologies, a global provider of high-speed digital printing equipment, today announced a strategic relationship under which Global Graphics’ Harlequin technology will power Delphax’s next generation of products, the first of which is the elan 500 cut-sheet inkjet press capable of printing at speeds of up to 500 A4/Letter images per minute.

Steve Hubbard, vice president sales and marketing at Delphax, commented, “Delphax has a long and successful history of integrating Global Graphics RIP technology into our products. It has been a key element of our industry leading Imaggia and CR systems, and we and extremely pleased to be able to continue this relationship in order to provide the quality and speed offered by the Harlequin RIP technology within our next generation of elan products. Our internally developed distributed PDF RIP farm solution, which is built around Harlequin, perfectly complements elan’s unparalleled productivity, print quality and flexible media options at a highly competitive cost point.”

Paul Hagen, Global Graphics Software’s vice president of sales said, “The Harlequin RIP is proven to be the fastest PDF RIP available and we are delighted that Delphax has chosen to continue its long relationship with us by using our technology to power its new product lines. We enjoy close collaboration and look forward to working together in the future.”

Harlequin is widely acknowledged to be the fastest RIP software available on the market delivering pages far in excess of the rated speed of the industry’s leading devices.  In addition to driving the elan digital print system from Delphax, it is also the technology to be found in an increasing number of digital press solutions including those developed by HP, Canon, TKS and OKI Data Americas.  

All in Print China 2014 closes to successful results

With 680 national and international companies on an unprecedented 882,600 square feet of exhibit space, The 5th All in Print China trade fair recently closed in Shanghai to very successful results. The 4-day event attracted a record 61,820 visitors and 106,653 visits – each an 11% increase compared to the 2011 staging. With the topic “Inspiring Vision of New Printing Era”, All in Print China 2014 featured the latest printing technologies focusing on industry innovations and reconstructing.

On the first day, visitor participation amounted to 24,208 attendees - an increase of 30.45% compared to 2011 (18,557). Among these were 20,990 Chinese visitors (26.01% rise in contrast to All in Print China 2011) and 3,218 foreign visitors (69.37% increase). More than 150 Chinese and 40 overseas visitor delegations from countries such as the U.S., Korea, Australia, India, the Philippines and Malaysia attended the trade fair.

Intelligent and green printing highlights
The exhibition featured numerous highlights, including new product releases – especially smart production and eco-friendly concepts. With the largest exhibition area of 21,500 square feet, Canon displayed its brand new strategy of digital printing named “Digital Printing, All in Canon”, and published 8 digital printing products covering multiple product lines. Fuji Xerox presented Versant 2100 Press, its new color digital printing system. On the second day of the show, Fuji Film released the inkjet digital printer JetPress720SB2. Konica Minolta debuted its bizhub PRESS C1100/C1085 while DINGA showcased RYOBI 924 and Mitsubishi v3000. Fascinating products, innovative technologies and crowded exhibition halls contributed to positive sales. HP and other exhibitors sold numerous machines and equipment during All in Print China 2014.

Exhibition and conferences combined
The exhibits at All in Print China 2014 were supported by a series of conferences. On each show day, conferences with different topics addressed the future of the printing industry. The main forum “2014 Global Printing Summit Forum" & "14th Forum of Asia Pacific Graphic Art” brought together experts from the printing industry associations from 5 countries in the EU, the Asia-pacific region and the U.S., providing an international vision. At the main technology forum “China International Printing Innovation Summit”, world leading suppliers from China and abroad informed about their new technologies, achievements and applications. In addition, topics such as industrial changes and trends as well as innovative technologies and industrial applications were discussed.

The "Digital Printing in China" Tech Summit Forum and the "Canon Delighting You Always - Keyin Cup" Award are the most authoritative and professional ceremonies in the digital printing industry and at the 7th contest this year, 168 companies (518 works) participated. Considered the “Academy Awards in label field”, the “Sun Cup” Asia Label Awards Ceremony and the "Global Label Technology Summit Forum" provided a top-notch stage for label technologies. The 4th Green Printing Seminar was also part of All in Print China 2014 - sharing the latest green printing technologies and promoting innovative printing companies as well as green printing equipment and technologies.

All in Print China’s Success
Started in 2003, All in Print China has become one of the most influential exhibitions for its industry in China and the world. Serving as a platform for communication ideas and new developments, All in Print China significantly contributes to the progress and the future of China's printing industry.

The 6th All in Print China is scheduled for October 18 – 21, 2016 in Shanghai. For further information on visiting or exhibiting at All in Print China 2016, contact Messe Düsseldorf at info@mdna.com or log on to www.mdna.com.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Asahi Photoproducts European Conference focuses on the future

Asahi Photoproducts recently celebrated its 40 Year Anniversary of the company at a Conference for its employees.  Thirty Asahi representatives from nine countries spent two days in Athens, Greece meeting their counterparts and Senior Management team from Japan.  The conference reflected on the milestones of the past 40 years and brought the team together to plan the future growth and innovation strategy of the organisation.

Asahi Photoproducts is a leader in the production of photopolymer plates for the flexographic printing industry. The company was a world pioneer in the development of photopolymer plate technology, launching a water washable photopolymer APR plate & plate making system in 1971 in Japan.  Subsequently launched in Europe 1973, the company has had a proud history of technical innovation and service excellence over the past 40 years.

Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager, comments, “Asahi Photoproducts is totally dedicated to supporting our customers.  From our Japanese cultural roots, we understand the importance of service, as well as great product solutions.  ‘Omotenashi’ in Japanese literally means to “entertain guests wholeheartedly”.  For our business we translate this meaning in completely understanding our customers’ needs and requirements to ensure that our customers feel that they have a high level of satisfaction and delight in everything we do.

“The Asahi AWP plate solution is a great example of our belief in ‘Omotenashi’.  We took time to listen to our customers and we understood that a breakthrough technology was needed to enable the industry to improve its pressroom efficiencies; keeping the printing press uptime high by reducing the plate cleaning intervals, was key to this step. Working with the scientists at our Japanese Parent Company to engineer our own polymers, Asahi is delivering the AWP water washable plate technology to market to great success.”

The conference was an opportunity for the company to look back at its history – from pioneering the first photopolymer plate in 1971 and delivering the world’s first solid plate AFP and plate making system AFP1500 consist of “both side exposure method” and “germicidal light finishing post exposure method” in 1984 which became de factor technology through this industry, to today’s pioneering of “Pinning top” technology to control surface energy on plates for better press performance.

Dr. Niederstadt continued: “By looking at our past successes and understanding that the voice of the customer is core to everything we do, we have learned a lot about what will deliver us success going forward.”

Giving line efficiency a boost: Gebo’s latest version of EIT puts operators in the driving seat

Gebo Cermex now gives operators real-time access to key plant data to optimize packaging line efficiency and to increase productivity. The company’s EIT (short for Efficiency Improvement Tool) plant intelligence system monitors line events and status in great detail. The scalable system offers a wide range of modules, addressing performance, quality, losses, traceability, energy consumption, video recording along with additional maintenance and alert-trigger functions. The latest version of EIT is enriched with a new module to its suite: the EIT AQ-Clock which is unique in the industry.

EIT can be implemented on any line irrespective of its line integrator or original equipment manufacturer. Developed for key markets such as the beverage, food, home & personal care and even pharmaceutical industries, the system has been designed to optimize performance and to increase reactivity. EIT enables operators to react faster and most appropriately while at the same time reducing waste and energy costs. Gebo Cermex demonstrated the latest version V 6.0 of its line improvement tool including the new EIT AQ-Clock module at BrauBeviale, a fair for investment goods for the beverage industry in November 2014.

A unique value offer on the market
Continuously developed by Gebo since 1996, EIT is now installed in more than 60 countries. The system provides accurate and up-to-date key performance indicators such as overall equipment effectiveness. It also offers a complete set of screens, reports and dashboards. Featuring an easy-to-use online interface, the EIT Reader module, for example, monitors and analyzes each machine’s performance. The added value of EIT lies in its built-in intelligence with tools such as its Root Cause Analysis (RCA) based on the line design principle. It pinpoints any device that has negative impact on the production, up to fault level. By using the EIT Line Audit screen, everyone actively involved in production can effectively discover their quick wins and set their priorities on the machines. “Real-time monitoring of critical events is crucial. EIT detects primary stoppage reasons and offers root cause analysis based on each line’s individual design. This allows operators to take quick and targeted action - and make sure production is up and running again in no time”, emphasized Pierre-Yves Schaal, EIT Deputy Manager Europe, at this year’s BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany.

AQ-Clock: dynamic accumulation monitoring
The EIT AQ-Clock informs its users of any available accumulation space between a specific machine and a malfunctioning machine on the line. It takes the form of a simple countdown highlighted on top of the operators’ dashboard. It tells the operator exactly how long he has to restart his machine before the disruption has an impact on the whole line. Thus, EIT AQ-Clock is a very effective tool for optimizing operators’ reactivity.  This module is part of a new user interface featuring responsive Web design.

Sustainable production
As an additional bonus feature, the system ensures sustainable manufacturing thanks to the ECO EIT. The innovative module monitors and measures energy and utilities consumption at equipment and line level. It gives energy cost per produced unit and correlates various consumptions including power, water, steam or compressed air with line events and production phases.

Line and production optimization at various levels
By providing remote access to actionable production data, EIT constitutes a reliable and supporting tool for commissioning and decision-making on different levels. All involved in manufacturing, from plant floor to general management, get an extensive picture of what is actually happening on the entire plant. The engineering experts will discover the real sources for efficiency loss while the maintenance department can use EIT data to carry out preventive action and follow up vendors’ guarantees. The system also supports plant management by quickly assessing shifts’ performance and the plant’s output. At executive level, highly accurate data can be reviewed for benchmarking, optimizing budgets, capital expenses and vendor selection, thus serving as a truly strategic tool for line and production optimization.

In a complex industry where know-how is everything, Gebo Cermex is formed from the union of two strong brands: Gebo & Cermex, gathering packaging line engineering experience across a range of market segments from beverages and food to pharmaceuticals, via home and personal care. For over half a century, our experts have improved the performance of production and packaging lines in some of the most demanding industries. Today more than 37,000 equipment and system installations bear our signature. We add value to our customers’ business in four dimensions, from equipment design and manufacturing to line engineering, services and asset performance.

Gebo Cermex, headquartered in Strasbourg, France is a people-centric organization with 1,800 employees and over 20 commercial and manufacturing sites in all major regions around the world.

Henkel India to organise Webinar for awareness on food packaging safety

Henkel India has come up with yet another innovative measure to create awareness on prevailing myths and various impacts of usage of mineral oils in food packaging adhesives.

Henkel will be broadcasting a webinar on December 5, 2014 entitled “Everything you need to know about mineral oil components in food packaging adhesives.” The webinar, to be held in English, by Dr. Monika Tönnießen (Chemist in the Product Safety department of Henkel Adhesive Technologies business unit), will focus on the problems associated with mineral oil hydrocarbons in food packaging.

Interested parties are invited to register for free via the website: www.henkel-premium-area.com/academy. Registrants will also gain access to the Premium Area, which offers further webinars, white papers, a comprehensive glossary, and videos covering a range of key issues.

As the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer, Henkel is committed to finding ways of improving food safety. In line with this purpose, Henkel, through its web-based knowledge platform “Food Safe Packaging Portal,” broadcasts various webinars for its customers. The purpose of these live webinars by Henkel is to shed light on important issues surrounding food packaging safety. Participants are also able to put their questions live and online to the Henkel presenters while the webinars are still in progress.

Dr. Monika Tönnießen, an expert in all aspects of material contact with foodstuffs and a member of the Paper and Packaging Working Group of the Association of European Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers (FEICA), says, “Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) are regarded as a particularly harmful fraction. There are thousands of different mineral oil components, and their effects on human health vary enormously. One mineral oil is not the same as another, so it is essential to precisely differentiate the substances involved. The elimination of critical mineral oil components from adhesive formulations is critical. We have been conducting webinars on food packaging for various countries and have been getting extremely positive responses. We are hopeful of support from Indian audiences in similar way.”

According to a 2012 report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), on the subject of mineral oil hydrocarbons in food, there are various sources of food contamination by mineral oil components. It’s a well known fact that many foods, for example, cocoa beans, are transported in jute sacks that are treated with mineral oil. Such foods get contaminated with mineral oil even before they are packed. There is a strong need to increase awareness amongst consumers about the causes and harmful effects of such contamination. Consumers need to be informed about the same and the measures that they can take to avoid the issue.

Finat Labelling Competition 2015 now open for entries

Finat announces that label converters can start selecting their best examples of label print as the 2015 Finat Labelling Competition is now open and will accept entries till 5th March 2015. The annual Finat competition showcases the best of self-adhesive label print. It recognizes and rewards achievement in terms of both end use/marketing impact and print and converting quality. Awards are given in the main segments where self-adhesive labels are used: alcoholic beverages, food, household, industrial, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, security labels, (self-) promotion, and booklet/coupon labels and for the major reel-fed print processes.

“The objective of this annual labelling competition is threefold,” says Kurt Walker, Finat president. “It not only helps highlight the advantages of self-adhesive labels and related products as effective marketing, promotional or identification tools, but definitely also encourages converters to extend their technical and quality boundaries. And last but not least, it promotes labels and labelling techniques on a world-wide basis and this to the benefit of the label and associated industries. I therefore invite all label converters to participate in this prestigious competition and to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer.”

Award winners will receive their prize on the occasion of the annual congress which will take place 11-13 June 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The winning entries will be displayed at the congress and at Labelexpo Europe 2015. Selected winners of the Finat Label Competition 2015 will be entered in the 2015 World Label Awards (WLA) Competition.

New category added
Finat has revamped the participation details and entry form and has introduced a new, fifth category under Group E: Digital. This group has been added to recognize the significant part that digital printing is playing in the modern label industry. Three categories have been included to cover the main digital printing technologies: solvent toner, dry toner and ink jet. The category digital is complementary to other categories, which include marketing/end-uses, printing processes, non-adhesive applications and innovation.