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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ADSI to Unveil iTech Centra HS at Labelexpo Americas

At booth 6115 during Labelexpo Americas 2012 (September 11-13), Allen Datagraph Systems Inc. (ADSI) will launch its iTech Centra HS Digital Label System, a complete digital solution built to efficiently manufacture label runs of 1,000-3,000 linear feet (305-915 linear meters) of substrate for label convertors of all sizes. The ‘first in its class’ digital label system combines the new iTech Centra  HS Digital Label Printer with the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Finisher, introduced in 2011. It’s a complete roll-to-roll solution that fits the needs between tabletop label production and full-scale production - for a fraction of the cost of other digital presses – all with low, on-going operational expenses. With the iTech Centra HS Digital Label System, label convertors can lower production costs and waste – while offering new capabilities to their customers.

“The iTech Centra HS Digital label System offers label converters the ability to manufacture labels in a complete, all digital workflow. From roll substrate to fully finished labels, in any shape without dies, the Centra HS is unparreled in its capabilities,” comments Mark Vanover, ADSI VP, Sales and Marketing.

The new component of the system, the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Printer, is an LED toner printer that images consumer-quality labels with brilliant, durable, consistent color at 1200 dpi X 600 dpi, at speeds up to 30 feet per minute (9.1 meters per minute). With a maximum width of 12.9 inches (327 mm) and maximum roll diameter of 14 inches (355 mm) – and a wide degree of substrate flexibility – the Centra HS Digital Label Printer’s capabilities are matchless in the industry.

“While we have been very successful selling the tabletop iTech AXXIS Digital Label System, we believe there is still a missing product opportunity between that and the high cost digital presses. All converters have a need for digital. The Centra HS makes economic sense, as it allows them to augment their current capabilities – as opposed to making a large capital investment on a digital press to replace their existing print technologies. The iTech Centra HS Digital Label System offers better economics for printing and finishing 1,000-3,000 linear foot run lengths than other technologies, explains Vanover. “We have been very fortunate to partner with OKI, who offered us a print engine that has exceptional print quality and keeps up with the speed of our finishing system. It’s a compact, affordable and easy-to-operate roll-to-roll printer.”

“We are very impressed with ADSI’s history and the success of their current product offerings, and from our conversations expect similar results with their iTech Centra HS Digital Label System,” comments Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. “Companies that purchase labels are requiring their convertors to provide smaller quantities for just-in-time manufacturing – and for a reduction in inventory costs. Our OKI print engine as part of the iTech  Centra  HS Digital Label Printer offers label converters a big advantage with smaller label production quantities, based on its capabilities.”

Included with the printer is a Wasatch SoftRIP, easy to use software that manages all print job parameters. The intuitive layout features enable users to maximize substrate usage to minimize waste. A full suite of color control capabilities – ICC color management, tone curve reproduction and unique and powerful spot color replacement features – enhances the print quality of the iTech Centra Digital Label Printer. The RIP also includes a consumable cost estimator. A variable data option is available – enabling sequential numbering and bar codes along with graphic element capabilities.

The other component, the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Finisher, is a high-speed roll-to-roll digital finishing system that allows users to laminate, die-less cut, strip the waste matrix and slit custom labels in one production pass. It can die cut any custom shape on demand – without the inherent costs, delays and limitations of more conventional die cutting processes – right from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, using the same vector file that would normally be sent out for die manufacture. It is sized to accommodate most label convertors’ needs. The iTech Centra HS can convert printed materials from any digital or analog print platform, including inkjet and thermal printers or a conventional flexo press in maximum roll diameter of 14 inches (355 mm) and up to 14 inches wide (355 mm).

Print to cut registration is accomplished via the SMARTMark Optical Registration System. Multiple registration marks can be scanned to automatically adjust the cut file, compensating for any skew or scale issues that may have been caused by the output device or the material. The computer-driven cutting technology is capable of cutting multiple depths within the same cut file allowing for perforations or multi-layer applications. The iTech Centra HS Digital Label Finisher also has a new touch screen interface that makes it easy to set up and operate.

Requiring no dies, make-ready, or running waste, the iTech Centra HS Digital Finishing System’s versatility and accuracy provide the professional converter as well as the end user with true ‘on demand’ converting capabilities.

“The expertise offered by Allen Datagraph has always been two-fold,” adds Vanover. “We believe we produce the best digital finishing systems with an unmatched economic value proposition for the label industry. And, we are able to locate and integrate exceptional print engines to match the performance of our finishing systems. We expect that the iTech Centra HS Digital Label System will attract a lot of attention during Labelexpo.”

Deliveries of complete iTech Centra HS Digital Label Systems are scheduled for late July and are now available for sale. It will be publicly demonstrated for the first time during Labelexpo Americas.