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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stic Printers raises the quality bar with a Rotoflex VSI 330E

Engaged into printing since last two decades, Stic Printers based at Chandigarh supplies labels in roll as well as sheet forms and serves varied industries. With a state of art printing unit with a Mark Andy 2200 13” 6 Color press, Stic Printers has recently ordered for a Rotoflex VSI 330E with BST Shark4000 Lex (Label Edition) system to provide 100% accuracy to their clients and help them to gain a competitive edge

With a simple HMI on the new operator-friendly Genesis technology of the Rotoflex VSI 330e inspection/rewind machines, operators can now monitor all functions and clearly identify faults from a single screen.  Integration into multiple machines allows operators to transfer easily from one machine to another. Designed specifically to provide high-quality, this new system with an E-GEN2 (Genesis Controller - Level 2) not only detects defects but also indicates roll label count in multiples of 10", 12" or 10 CM lengths.

The auto set-up of the Rotoflex VSI 330e allows for the automatic sensor calibrations and label repeat length detection using a limited web sampling distance as well as detects leading or trailing edge of each label – an essential feature for clear on clear labels where an opaque print of 3mm by 3mm or a capacitive sensor (E03B) is required. The system can detect missing labels in multiple lanes, as well as the presence of a matrix, and with multi-lane counting the converter receives accurate label counts for each roll, irrespective of label shape or size.

According to Vishal Vohra, “The decision to invest in a Rotoflex VSI 330E finishing machine (13.25 inch / 337 mm web width) was as easy as 123. We already had a good experience with FIG and Mark Andy when we went in for the MA2200 13” 6 Color press. The technical support offered by FIG at all crucial times has made it an easy decision, as technical support is crucial in any investment decision of ours. But I’m equally proud that our manufacturing team was actively looking for ways to make our quality better and give us that all-important competitive edge - Continuous Quality Improvement - that is Stic’s hallmark.”  

The eDrive functionality, exclusive to Rotoflex, provides superior web handling and tension control is critical for the most demanding inspection and rewinding projects. The VSI series of high speed inspection, slitting and rewinding machines continually improve machine performance and enhance product quality. Operator comfort and convenience are features integral to all VSI machines.

"We are excited to offer this new, high-value inspection system to Stic Printers," states Gourav Roy, MD, Flexo Image Graphics. “Powered by the operator friendly Genesis advanced control system, the new Rotoflex VSI 330E has advanced MMLD and fault placement, with the ability to accurately count multiple lanes of non-standard label shapes and lengths. With such an advanced inspection system, Stic will be able to deliver 100% accuracy to their clients and help them to gain a competitive edge.”

Rotoflex represents superior technology and workmanship that ultimately reflects in the quality of the finished product, which helps a label printer o expand and grow their businesses.

Stic Printers supplies labels in roll as well as sheet forms and serves varied industries.