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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New M5 press at Clever Etiketten, totaling 8 Gidue presses in 12 years

Clever Etiketten GmbH is a leading company in Germany for the production of self-adhesive labels and labeling solutions with 6 manufacturing plants in Germany, being today one of the 10  largest Label producers in Germany. Clever started its activities during the West-East German Reunification period, and has grown rapidly since then. Mr. Berg, owner, comments: “Business is competitive, to continue our growth we need printing machines with top printing quality and high reliability. We cannot afford to have down-time. Markets do not forgive inefficiency”. Clever Etiketten has focused during the years on printing quality and service efficiency to its customers, serving a wide range of markets (pharma, food, automotive, chemical, logistic etc.)

Clever Etiketten and Gidue started to cooperate in year 2000, and since then regularly every 18 months a new Gidue press was installed. Mr. Federico d’Annunzio, MD of Nuova Gidue S.r.l. comments: “Working several years together with Clever Etiketten helped us to concentrate on Labels and Packaging requests. Mr. Berg and his team know study well in advance their investments, focusing on what is needed by the market. This year they have chosen the “high-end” M5 Full Servo to produce with low wastes and high production speeds, on multiple substrates.” Mr. Berg confirms: ”Gidue presses are reliable, and produce high quality. The M5 has advanced in productivity and in set-up operations. It allows us to print with reduced wastes, at speeds we could not achieve before. Print and register quality/stability have also increased, we can match the HD Flexo standards, up to 100 lines/cm.”

The new full servo M5 370 mm press is equipped with short web path, driven chilled drums, 10 UV flexographic print units, and accessories to produce coupon labels and unsupported films. The new M5 integrates the new “revolutionary” Gidue converting section (NewSnowBall, Bamby) which increases die-cutting and stripping speeds up to minimum 50% faster than traditional methods, Gidue reports.