Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marking Labels with value-added benefits

Schreiner MediPharm is now offering a suite of additional innovative functions for its new autoinjector labels that enhance ease of use and safety of these injection aids. A temperature indicator, UV protection for the inspection window, detachable label parts, counterfeit protection features and an abrasion-resistant field for subsequent variable marking can additionally be integrated. Each label is customized for the respective injection system.

The temperature indicator used by Schreiner MediPharm delivers a new value-added benefit. By producing a reversible color shift, it indicates that a defined temperature has been reached. The special ink may change color at a specific refrigeration temperature and the coloration will disappear once room temperature is reached. This provides the user with an indication of the correct storage or dispensing temperature.

To protect sensitive pharmaceuticals from UV rays, the transparent window that allows the content and fill level to be checked is reliably covered. For this purpose, the label features a two-layered design. The top layer provides UV protection for the window underneath which is integrated into the label. To check the content, the user opens the label by means of a starter tab and then simply closes it again. In addition, detachable label parts remind the patient to regularly check whether or not the drug inside the container is still okay. The label parts can also be used for documentation purposes in the patient’s medical file or medication diary. A text field coated with a special varnish allows subsequent abrasion-resistant laser printing of variable data.

Integrated security features such as the special LaserSecure pigment can be used to confirm the authenticity of the pen with the help of a reader. Additional protection against counterfeiting is provided via a security ink showing a color shift depending on the viewing angle.

“The new label characteristics enhance ease of use and patient safety of autoinjectors and can be combined individually. As a development partner, we welcome the opportunity to work together with manufacturers to customize special functions to match their specific requirements,” says Ann L. Merchant, global President of Schreiner MediPharm.