Pharma Impurity Conclave 2023

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Schobertechnologies GmbH at Labelexpo Americas in Chicago

Schobertechnologies GmbH specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of rotary tools, modules and specialty machines widely used in film, foil, packaging, nonwovens and paper converting industries. This technically superior equipment is sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The focus will be on inmould converting technology and the rotary die cutting machine, model RSM-IML/MX will be on display.

This mold is the perfect and economical solution for medium and small production runs. The machine is available in working widths of 260 mm, 330 mm and 410 mm. The MX model features nearly all the proven technologies integrated in the high capacity models such as heavy duty rotary die cutting station, automated web guide, continuously monitored registration, vacuum controlled product flow, static neutralizer  “M”-stack delivery and “S” stack delivery.

Additional optional equipment are an adjustable de-nesting station for several products across, offering reliable product stacking even for off-set product orientation as well as an antistatic device and a gap control system (GCS) for precise wear compensation of the die.

Another highlight will be the high-capacity and high-speed heavy duty rotary die cutting module.

These type of die cutting modules with working width up to 1000 mm and designed for production speeds of up to 300 m/min stand out, especially, for the modular line shaft driven machines as well as hybrid machine concept with individual drive technology. The innovative drive concept of the Schobertechnologies die cutting module offers higher precision and flexibility due to a precise electronically synchronous run and digital servo-drives.

These high capacity die cutting modules feature among all a preset and calibrated pressure adjustment, high-precision bearing assemblies and housings for low temperature running, vibration-free design, micrometric die wear compensation adjustment (GCS) as well as central quick magnetic/anvil disengagement (without loss of registration) in order to ease web threading and consequently shorten the set-up.

Know-How and superior production technology combined with the above mentioned high-tech features ensure that most materials available in roll format can be die cut at highest efficiency and productivity, even with liners (for self-adhesive materials) as thin as 25 micron.

Experience and expertise provide Schobertechnologies with the ability to meet challenging customer demands. By steadily enhancing and improving the converting technology, Schobertechnologies is able to meet ever changing market requirements such as run length, different product shapes, sizes and material.