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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DS Smith Packaging Premium installs a Diana X 115 from Heidelberg

French high-end packaging producer DS Smith Packaging Premium is installing a Diana X 115 folding carton gluing machine from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) at its site in Cognac. This machine is the first in France to be equipped with the new Diana Inspection Control module unveiled at drupa 2012. Thanks to this innovation, defective cartons are identified at high machine speeds and subsequently removed by the integrated ejector module - for continuous production and perfect quality. This enables the sheet plant, which is part of the DS Smith Group, to ensure the comprehensive quality assurance that is essential for a company specializing in high-quality wine and spirits packaging.

"The quality assurance systems, the flexibility of production, and the outstanding productivity of the machine meet our high demands for manufacturing luxury packaging. This investment strengthens our market position, because the Diana X 115 improves our delivery times and ensures the high level of quality our customers expect from us," stresses Matthias De Christen, Managing Director of DS Smith Packaging Premium.

The Diana Inspection Control module consists of a camera system that is used to check folding carton quality based on reference samples. Defective cartons are identified prior to folding and gluing. The machine's ejector module, which is located after the folding station, then reliably removes them from the machine at high speeds.

The stand-out feature of the machine configuration selected by DS Smith Packaging Premium is its exceptional flexibility in production. Combining a collapsible box module with a lockbottom module, it enables very quick changeovers from lockbottom to four-corner carton production. There are two packing systems to choose from after the compression and delivery section - the Diana Packer for automated packing of straightline cartons and the FAS packing aid for lockbottom cartons. Both options ensure high productivity. Integrated monitoring systems for gluing are also important in ensuring the quality of the folding cartons produced.

The Diana X 115 is a modular machine and each module is powered by its very own servomotor. Further components or add-ons can thus be integrated as required. The machine ensures stable production, even at high speeds. The Diana X 115 achieves far shorter makeready times than previous machine generations thanks to systematic technical improvements to all components. The feeder, featuring belts that can be changed quickly for specific jobs, and fully automatic format setting with AUTOSET Plus are just two examples.

The Diana X 115 enables belt folding down to very small carton formats and, with the longest prefolder and the longest folding station on the market, it also combines top fold quality with maximum productivity. All these features are big advantages for the high-end packaging with sensitive surfaces produced by DS Smith Packaging Premium.