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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Meech expands Web Cleaner and Static Ranges for Labelexpo Americas 2012

Meech International will be launching innovative products to expand both its web cleaning and static ranges at Labelexpo Americas 2012 (11–13 September). Visitors to booth 1240 will have access to the most comprehensive web cleaning range available, as well as a new static bar designed specifically for the labelling market, which sits alongside other well known static products that are very popular throughout the industry.

Matt Fyffe, VP/General Manager of Meech Static Eliminators USA Inc states, “We are very excited to be able to use Labelexpo Americas as a launch pad for key new products in both our web cleaning and static ranges. Such a prestigious show always draws a good visitor base and we are aware that the labelling market is becoming ever more important. We aim to design and develop products that our customers and prospects tell us they need, so we are confident that our new products will attract a good deal of interest at the show.”

Alongside the new products, Meech will also be exhibiting its entire web cleaning range that consists of both contact and non-contact systems. These include the TakClean, ShearClean and VacClean (previously named the Tornado), and this expansive range can provide businesses with a customised cleaning solution regardless of production requirements.

The TakClean web cleaner, launched in 2011, already cemented Meech’s position as the industry’s most comprehensive supplier of web cleaning technologies. Designed directly as a result of requests by several existing customers within the label and narrow web market, TakClean provides excellent cleaning power, removing particles as small as 0.5 microns. Simple to install and with continuous single of double sided cleaning capabilities, TakClean is available for web widths up to 2100mm, at a speed of up to 250 meters per minute.

The TakClean system features the specially formulated ‘TransTak’ - elastomer contact cleaning rollers and perforated adhesive rolls. Working in combination with Meech static control technology, the integrated ‘TransTak’ rollers mean TakClean is the ultimate contact web cleaning device for sensitive materials.

When cleaning, the ‘TransTak’ elastomer rollers make contact with the web, lifting contamination from the product surface. Available in a variety of Shore A ratings, the cured silicone elastomer rollers are proven to have no ‘free chemistry’, guaranteeing that the cleaned surface remains trace free.

Once the ‘TransTak’ rollers have lifted the particles, they are transferred, by contact, to the surface of the adhesive rolls. The adhesive rolls are manufactured with a release coating to ensure easy unwinding. In addition, a high adhesive mass means the TakClean can run for an extended period between material changes. When changes are required, easily removed (tear off) roll sections guarantee that downtime is kept to a minimum, and operator safety is optimised.

Meech’s non-contact technology, the ShearClean is ideally suited for web cleaning where contact technology is not practical due to scratch-prone or sensitive surfaces. These might include special coatings or decorative labels.

ShearClean is available for web widths up to 2.1 metres and for web speeds up to 450 metres/min, although faster speeds can be achieved by adjusting factory settings. Incorporating static control technology, the ShearClean offers users a more efficient and effective cleaning process than equivalent systems. ShearClean can be tailored to suit customers’ requirements, not just in terms of size but also in sophistication. For instance, Meech can provide different upgrades to create a fully programmable unit.

Meech’s VacClean contact cleaning system was previously named the Tornado. The company decided to rename the product to align the naming structure of each of its web cleaners, and the VacClean has proven extremely popular since its initial launch. Aimed at label, digital and carton printers, it is available in two versions - the F4 and F5 - featuring compact extraction or vacuum fan extraction respectively. The F4 cleans single-sided webs up to 1,650 mm wide, as well as double-sided webs up to 750 mm wide. The F5 will clean single- and double-sided webs up to 4,000 mm.

The VacClean is available in a new design, which presents users with an improved, maintenance friendly exterior. The updated faceplate can now slide simply off the manifold body; an enhancement Meech predict could save manufacturers up to two hours downtime. Following extensive airflow analysis, the shape of its manifold has also been adapted to achieve an even vacuum across the product. Consequently, it requires fewer duct connections and is capable of utilising single length manifolds of up to 4 metres.

Complementing the web cleaning product range, Meech will also have some key static products on display at the show Handling static charges on label presses is an ongoing challenge for printers, and Meech prides itself on manufacturing products that can eliminate or control this static to the advantage of the user. In addition to its new launch, the company will also exhibit its ever-popular 977CM pulsed DC Controller.

977CM Pulsed DC controller
A pioneer in the industrial application of Pulsed DC for static control, Meech has installed over 4,500 systems in the printing, packaging, converting and plastics industries. This total includes a number of systems for RFID tag production, where the smallest static discharge will cause chip failure and data loss or corruption.

The 977CM Pulsed DC controller - the first true closed-loop Pulsed DC static control system - has proved especially popular due to its combination of precise static control and advanced self-monitoring features. The 977CM continuously monitors output from the ionising bars and automatically adjusts the input voltage to compensate for the adverse effects of contamination. For greater accuracy, an optional sensor bar detects residual voltages on web paths and rewinds and communicates with the 977CM unit to instruct it to tune its output to ensure the best possible charge neutralisation for the current operating conditions. When no further adjustment is possible the contamination will start to reduce performance. Adjustable alarms alert the operator, via local audible and visible warnings and remote alarm signals, to the need to clean the bars.

Matt Fyffe concludes, “Labelexpo Americas is set to be a very stimulating show for us. We’re launching key new products for which we will be revealing more details at the event in September. Additionally, we’ll be showcasing the most comprehensive range of web cleaning and static products than ever before. We are very much looking forward to welcoming visitors to our booth and explaining how our products and solutions can help their needs.”