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Monday, July 16, 2012

XDI and XLT Anilox Engravings attract crowd at Drupa 2012

The XDI and XLT image engraved roller/cylinder displayed at ALE's booth at Drupa 2012, which was manufactured by global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America, allowed Harper to share its ability to convert printing rollers into pieces of art with the rest of the flexographic industry. The skills and technology demonstrated on this roller generated a crowd of interested event attendees.

"It was a challenge for our graphics and engraving team to create this roll for Drupa," commented Lee Kluttz, Vice President of Operations at Harper Corporation of America. "The industry feedback shows that we met that challenge."

The graphic was designed around a single colored ceramic cylinder. To create the image, varying cell sizes and depths were used. The end result was an innovative graphic depicting a human portrait and other images.

The XDI technology, which engraves ceramic rolls with digital images, is in its seventh year of development. This technology has heightened not only the technological capabilities of the Harper team; it has improved the organization's ability to continue providing the highest in service and quality to its customers.

"We have an ever increasing number of product gravure customers utilizing our technology in ceramic coating and laser engraving," stated Alexander James, the Director of the Harper GraphicSolutions division.

Harper Corporation also displayed its popular Phantom technology, including the Phantom proofer and Phantom QD assembly.

The international exposure afforded by Drupa 2012 has provided numerous valuable opportunities. This year, it allowed Harper's Asian licensee, Harper Asia Pacific of Thailand (HAP), to see the "generations display cylinder." Prasert Vachiraprakarnsakul, President of Harper Asia Pacific, was excited about the advances in ceramic imaging and believes this technology will have many applications worldwide. HAP team members took pictures at Drupa in front of the XDI cylinder.