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Saturday, July 14, 2012

FFEI’s drive into the label market continues at Labelexpo Americas 2012

FFEI Ltd, the global developer of award-winning digital imaging solutions, will demonstrate the benefits of its end-to-end digital label solution, Caslon, on the Nilpeter stand at Labelexpo Americas, stand 3105 & 3205. The FFEI Caslon digital inkjet label press boasts a new digital spot colour unit that prints white ink and features the company's recently launched RealPro Digital Labeller software. This combination enables label converters and digital print houses to deliver an integrated solution for profitable short-to-medium run label printing.

"Following the recent success of drupa and the launch of our new complete digital label solution, we see Labelexpo Americas as the ideal platform to present the significant benefits of FFEI Caslon to a more targeted audience," says Andy Cook, FFEI managing director.

"For label printers looking to move from flexo to digital, the transition can be disruptive. We want visitors to see why FFEI Caslon is the ideal solution - its proven, market-leading Nilpeter FA line web transport system provides the familiarity of a flexo press - while the option for an all-in-one, standalone digital solution enables label converters to meet the growing demands for short-to-medium run labels and variable data printing," concludes Cook.

International Label & Printing Co., Inc., based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA, recently installed a Caslon digital inkjet press. The company's CEO, Mark Turk, comments, "Much to my surprise, the Caslon module was the easiest part of the press to get into production. Challenges were primarily with all the analogue processes. We do not regret moving toward digital instead of flexo! We are already ahead of our competitors and we feel UV inkjet will strengthen our position."

Caslon Digital Inkjet Press
Caslon, a digital colour inkjet press jointly developed between FFEI and Nilpeter A/S, can be installed as part of a traditional narrow-web label press or utilised as a standalone digital inkjet system. Offering superior web widths of up to 410mm, Caslon converts high quality labels at 25m per minute rising to 50m, dependent on application demands. Built on the industry proven Nilpeter FA line web transport, Caslon provides the familiarity, reliability, scalability and operation of a market-leading flexo press, enabling those looking to move into the digital label market to do so with greatly reduced business risk and disruption.

Digital Spot Colour Module
Available from FFEI and reseller partners is an independent Caslon digital spot colour unit providing a high opacity, digital UV-curable white ink for printing on a wide range of substrates. Positioned before or after the main CMYK unit, this new capability creates new possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit applications or printing white as a spot colour. This eradicates the need to pre-print white ink via a traditional press - shortening production times, minimising cost and providing increased job control.

RealPro Digital Labeller
In addition, label converters can now benefit from FFEI's newly enhanced workflow solutions for the label market. Launched at drupa 2012, RealPro Digital Labeller is designed to provide the ideal solution for digital label printers requiring a complete end-to-end workflow. Aimed at existing Caslon customers or 3rd party digital press front end, the unique labelling software merges a variety of RIP licences to create a full workflow solution. Also included is RealPro Toolkit, a new feature offering advanced ink handling and automated step and repeat tools within Adobe Creative Suite.

Wasatch releases SoftRIP Version 7.0

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.0 is the fastest build of Wasatch SoftRIP ever released. Driven by the requirements of a new generation of high-speed imaging technology, SoftRIP Version 7.0 allows users to create, edit, delete, and manage thousands of unique jobs every day. In SoftRIP Version 7.0, it is perfectly natural to maintain 10,000 entries in a Print Queue.

Although SoftRIP has been sold for digital narrow-web label printing for several years, Version 7.0 is our first release to specifically address converting. Users will find support for rotary cutting equipment and enhanced die cutting features for bleeds and round corners on digital cutters*.

Along with the Version 7.0 release of SoftRIP is the Version 2.0 release of Wasatch Variable Data Printing (VDP)*. VDP 2.0 introduces exciting technologies, such as variable QR Codes and special rendering features essential to barcode print quality. VDP 2.0's new Fast Layout tool makes generation of 10,000 variable labels easy and automated.

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.0 supports industrial printing, not only with speed, but also with the most powerful system integration tools we've ever offered. The new XML-based interface makes it possible for system integrators and sophisticated users to control Wasatch SoftRIP via HTML and JavaScript running entirely in a web browser, or via customized network software or "XML hot folders". Customized user interfaces can be made to run on any computer, iPad®, or smartphone, and anywhere in your facility or on the Internet.

LTi Printing upgrades to EFI Radius

EFI, a world leader in customer-focused printing and packaging industry innovation, today announced that label and packaging provider LTi Printing, Inc. has selected EFI Radius as its new MIS/ERP software.

In business for more than 25 years in Sturgis, Michigan, LTi Printing is an international provider of flexographic and offset printing. The company began using EFI PSI Flexo in 1997, but had to create their own systems to support the folding carton business. After experiencing steady growth over the years, LTi decided the time was finally right to move to a single ERP system.

“We needed one solution to support our flexo and folding carton divisions and the changing marketplace, and EFI Radius is the perfect fit,” said Mike Frost, president of LTi Printing, Inc. “It’s robust enough to support all types of printing, and will enable us to better serve our customers by ensuring we have the right resources at the right place at the right time.

“Having a centralized place for information will be huge, enabling data to be easily viewed and shared,” continued Frost. “Radius will improve our accuracy and timeliness of communication, both internally and with customers, thereby enabling us to better utilize our current resources and grow the business without additional overhead.”

“In line with our philosophy of providing a transition path for our PSI Flexo customers, EFI Radius is a robust platform perfect for packaging companies that are looking to take their business to the next level while staying with the industry’s leading supplier,” said David Taylor, general manager of EFI Radius.

EFI Radius is a powerful ERP software platform designed to enable end-to-end, automated business process management from order inquiry to cash receipt for label, flexible packaging, converting and folding carton businesses. EFI Radius offers a high degree of flexibility to manage the unique requirements of printing and packaging companies to help optimize and automate sales estimating; production planning; scheduling; materials management; shop floor data collection; job costing; time and attendance. It also offers comprehensive and intuitive reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

Stic Printers raises the quality bar with a Rotoflex VSI 330E

Engaged into printing since last two decades, Stic Printers based at Chandigarh supplies labels in roll as well as sheet forms and serves varied industries. With a state of art printing unit with a Mark Andy 2200 13” 6 Color press, Stic Printers has recently ordered for a Rotoflex VSI 330E with BST Shark4000 Lex (Label Edition) system to provide 100% accuracy to their clients and help them to gain a competitive edge

With a simple HMI on the new operator-friendly Genesis technology of the Rotoflex VSI 330e inspection/rewind machines, operators can now monitor all functions and clearly identify faults from a single screen.  Integration into multiple machines allows operators to transfer easily from one machine to another. Designed specifically to provide high-quality, this new system with an E-GEN2 (Genesis Controller - Level 2) not only detects defects but also indicates roll label count in multiples of 10", 12" or 10 CM lengths.

The auto set-up of the Rotoflex VSI 330e allows for the automatic sensor calibrations and label repeat length detection using a limited web sampling distance as well as detects leading or trailing edge of each label – an essential feature for clear on clear labels where an opaque print of 3mm by 3mm or a capacitive sensor (E03B) is required. The system can detect missing labels in multiple lanes, as well as the presence of a matrix, and with multi-lane counting the converter receives accurate label counts for each roll, irrespective of label shape or size.

According to Vishal Vohra, “The decision to invest in a Rotoflex VSI 330E finishing machine (13.25 inch / 337 mm web width) was as easy as 123. We already had a good experience with FIG and Mark Andy when we went in for the MA2200 13” 6 Color press. The technical support offered by FIG at all crucial times has made it an easy decision, as technical support is crucial in any investment decision of ours. But I’m equally proud that our manufacturing team was actively looking for ways to make our quality better and give us that all-important competitive edge - Continuous Quality Improvement - that is Stic’s hallmark.”  

The eDrive functionality, exclusive to Rotoflex, provides superior web handling and tension control is critical for the most demanding inspection and rewinding projects. The VSI series of high speed inspection, slitting and rewinding machines continually improve machine performance and enhance product quality. Operator comfort and convenience are features integral to all VSI machines.

"We are excited to offer this new, high-value inspection system to Stic Printers," states Gourav Roy, MD, Flexo Image Graphics. “Powered by the operator friendly Genesis advanced control system, the new Rotoflex VSI 330E has advanced MMLD and fault placement, with the ability to accurately count multiple lanes of non-standard label shapes and lengths. With such an advanced inspection system, Stic will be able to deliver 100% accuracy to their clients and help them to gain a competitive edge.”

Rotoflex represents superior technology and workmanship that ultimately reflects in the quality of the finished product, which helps a label printer o expand and grow their businesses.

Stic Printers supplies labels in roll as well as sheet forms and serves varied industries.

Friday, July 13, 2012

President Kurt Walker reviews his first 12 months in office and sets out future expectations for FINAT

A year after taking over as president of Finat, the world-wide association representing the interest of the self-adhesive labelling industry, Kurt Walker discusses current and future strategy as well as milestones and collaborations with other leading associations.

Finat’s developing strategy
Finat’s initial four-year strategy was built on four pillars: raising the profile of Finat and ensuring a healthy growth; further strengthening Finat as the European umbrella organisation; offering more room for international business development and networking; and, finally, planting seeds in Asia.

And fairly quickly we achieved the 600 member benchmark we had set ourselves and established The Label Printers Forum and the Young Managers Club and both helped increase membership interest in entrepreneurial and management issues.This success was followed by the agreement of four defined strategic intentions that were later extended to include the fifth:
1. Enhance the global association network as Finat and its members go worldwide
2. Improve our service to members by using new media technology
3. Increase the synergies between the Board and committees
4. Re-assess Finat’s scope as a self-adhesive association
5. A clear agenda to promote sustainability and recycling.

Relationship success
Our relationship with national and international associations is central to our ethos and over the past ten years there has been tremendous evolution. Many national associations, especially in Europe have moved from a purely volunteer-driven force to a more professional structure helping strengthen our operational ties.

Learning from broad industry conversations
Pan-European conversations with key decision makers about their perceptions and expectations regarding FINAT as their European umbrella has helped us to create a better mutual understanding. As I understand it, past discussions tended to focus on our differences but we are now concentrating our energy on subjects where we have a common interest such as recycling, industry statistics, best practice, and education.

To read the entire article, click here  http://www.labelsind.com/p/features.html 

QuadTech Autotron System now a standard feature on Cerutti gravure presses

Cerutti Packaging and Equipment (CPE), a subsidiary of the Cerutti Group (Vercelli, Italy), has approved QuadTech‘s Autotron 2600 Register Guidance System with ClearLogic as a standard feature on its gravure packaging presses. This approval follows joint development tightly integrating the QuadTech Autotron register system into Cerutti’s press controls. The system enhances the press’s ability to pre-set the cylinder positions, and enables the press to lock into register seconds after production has started. The press can then maintain tight tolerances throughout the print run. By minimizing start-up waste, QuadTech’s Autotron register system enables Cerutti presses to maintain profitability in short-run printing situations.

The Autotron system achieves complete control regardless of ink, speed or substrate, and can measure opaque, transparent, reflective substrates such as BOPP, metalized film and high-gloss cast. The system works seamlessly with the Cerutti Auto Presetting System (CAPS) as an integrated, flexible and cost-efficient tool for minimizing waste at the start of new and repeat jobs in the first phase of production.

Riccardo Montagnini, Innovation Manager CPE, says, “As leaders in the rotogravure printing sector for packaging and converting equipment, we need to ensure that our presses maintain the highest levels of efficiency. It is essential that we adapt to the marketplace by investing in automation to increase speeds of production and decrease job change-over times. QuadTech’s Autotron register control system delivers exactly what our customers need for fast, reliable manufacturing. As shorter runs become the standard in package printing, down-time and waste need to be minimized. This system will ensure that start-up times are optimized and defects eliminated.”

The Cerutti packaging gravure presses will use QuadTech’s Autotron 2600 register scanning heads to assist in phasing and sequencing all of the cylinders into register. This process uses programmable scanning-heads and pre-set capabilities, which access stored job parameters for easy alignment, regardless of substrate. It easily switches between paper and film or foil modes without having to stop the press. The scanning heads then send corrections through the joint Ethernet Interface, recognizing register errors invisible to the human eye, giving the operator more control over make-ready and quality.

Randy Freeman, QuadTech general manager of packaging says, “We are very pleased with the results of our cooperation on this project. With the ability to pre-set, store and share information via the jointly-developed interface, the next job can be set up while the current job is running and corrected within in a run length to precise register. This eliminates time-consuming manual intervention and waste.”

Since QuadTech was recognized by Cerutti as an approved supplier of register control systems, the American manufacturer’s press controls are being installed on Cerutti presses at Containers Printing Pte Ltd, Singapore, a leading manufacturer of high-quality metal and plastic packaging products, and Shanxi Yongji Printing and Dyeing Co.,Ltd., China, which specializes in printing, dyeing, and final finishing of textiles.

Sun Chemical introduces SunUno Solimax suitable for both Flexographic and Rotogravure print processes

Sun Chemical, the world's leading manufacturer of printing inks and pigments, has launched the SunUno Solimax multi-purpose ink system. Suitable for both surface and reverse print applications on a number of the commonly used flexible packaging substrates, Solimax will maximize press room efficiency while simplifying the overall print production process.

The SunUno Solimax ink system is the latest generation of inks providing a single platform that can cover multiple end use applications. It is suitable for both Flexographic and Rotogravure print processes and provides the shelf stand out and high quality packaging for today's competitive industry.

Intended for surface printing and adhesive lamination for various end-use applications such as lidding materials, medical laminates and food packaging for confectionery and snack food, Solimax is compatible with both solvent free and solvent based lamination technologies.

It has been the aim of Sun Chemical's long-standing customer Bemis Elsham's Print Manager, Jim O'Donnell, to run the company on a single ink system for several years. Jim explained, "we have been using up to five ink systems in the past, and are at present running with a two ink system. The 'Holy Grail' is to run on just one, as the benefits for our business will be considerable. Not only will we significantly improve our environmental positioning with the multi-purpose system, we will also increase our efficiency and productivity which will ultimately improve our bottom line."

Bemis Elsham headquatered in Brigg, North Lincolnshire has been testing SunUno Solimax since the beginning of 2012. "Solimax performed excellently and impressed us with how well it printed the minimum dot, as well as having good colour clarity and strong density. This is exactly what we are looking for in an ink system, our customers have extremely high standards and so have we."

Jim O'Donnell believes that SunUno Solimax will be used across all their products by the end of the year (2012) due to the positive contribution it is bringing to Bemis Elsham's business.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Xaar Proton 15 / Proton 15+ launched

Xaar, the leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet printheads, has added two new greyscale printheads to the successful premium-quality, wide-swathe (53.7mm) Xaar Proton inkjet family. The Xaar Proton 15 and Xaar Proton 15+ both deliver 15 picolitre drops at high speed, providing outstanding print quality, excellent productivity and exceptional value.  

These new greyscale printheads, which join the binary Xaar Proton 35 and Xaar Proton 60, are ideal for high quality indoor and outdoor graphics. The expanded Xaar Proton family allows printer manufacturers to deliver a wider product range with the best combination of throughput and print quality while minimizing the cost of printer development.

The Xaar Proton 15 uses Xaar’s Drop Optimization Technology (XaarDOT) to print in binary or greyscale modes.  In greyscale mode, 15, 30 and 45 picolitre drops can be used simultaneously to print a single image. This allows fine detail to be combined with smooth tones.  Alternatively, in binary mode, an image can be printed using a single drop size selected from this range. As a result, the Xaar Proton 15 caters for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor graphics applications. The Xaar Proton 15+ adds internal ink temperature control to enable the printhead to work with an even wider variety of ink types and viscosities. Precise temperature control is important for maintaining high quality printing in environments where ambient temperatures may fluctuate during the day, or from season to season.

The Xaar Proton 15 incorporates the latest Xaar technology to ensure the highest quality, productivity and reliability. Individually lasered nozzles, optimized ink drop speeds, and Xaar’s latest ‘chevron’ actuator design, combine to give efficient and consistent drop formation resulting in outstanding print quality.

The robust design of the Xaar Proton 15, with lockable ink and electrical connections, ensures easy and secure installation. In addition, the integration of intelligent on-board electronics reduces development costs and time-to-market for printer developers.

Xaar’s two new printheads make their global debut at Shanghai International Advertising & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition (11th-14th July 2012 Shanghai, China) on the Xaar booth (Hall N5/001). In addition, visitors to the show will be able to see Xaar Proton 15-enabled printers demonstrated by Design Digital Science & Technology, Huangjian Digital Technology (Shanghai), Shanghai Bluewin Digital Technology, Shanghai ColorTop Digital Technology, Shanghai Huidi Digital Technology, Shanghai Zhong Yin International and Signstar International Industrial. Design Digital Science & Technology and Shanghai Huidi Digital Technology will also unveil Xaar Proton 15+-enabled printers on their booths.

“Our aim is to give printer manufacturers and their customers a wide choice of sophisticated, but cost-effective, printheads so they can select the very best technology for their specific applications,” says Mark Alexander, Director of Marketing, Xaar. “The new Xaar Proton 15 printheads have been developed in close collaboration with our customers and incorporate the latest Xaar technology to ensure outstanding print quality.”

Brand Protection in a Gray World

Counterfeiting, a thriving industry, has broken out of the confines of luxury goods to spread its poison to everyday consumer goods such as medicine, toys, clothing, etc. Counterfeit goods representing 10 to 12% of world sales in 2005 has shot up extensively. Faced with the extent of this scourge, countries and industries are starting to take action.
The rapidly changing global economy demands ever-greater vigilance to combat brand piracy, which is currently responsible for losses and has become an ever-increasing issue facing many brand owners today. The gray market activity involves the unauthorised movement of commerce through various geographies by rogue distributors and trusted channel partners alike.

In India, even as the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s (FICCI) Brand Protection Committee estimates a loss of Rs  200 billion per annum, the media reports assess the damage to the Indian industry at around Rs 300 billion per annum. It is no wonder that companies are now taking a hard look at their brand protection strategies to combat this ever-increasing problem.

Gray Market and Parallel Economy
It refers to a series of illicit activities that are associated with intellectual property rights (IPRs) infringement. Also known as `product diversion’ or `parallel importing’, it is a fraudulent activity that deflates profits of participating distributors, while reducing the revenue of the brand owner. Counterfeiters capitalise on surplus money, lower manufacturing costs, fluctuating distribution costs and currency exchange rates by exporting goods without country specific permission or those of brand owners.

In this process the prices are undercut and at par or higher profit margins are attained due to lower cost of production in the originating countries. This activity disrupts the invisible hand of competition in a given sales region by keeping purchasers and consumers away from authorised channels.

Impact on Brand causes

Loss of Market Share
The grey market activity spoils business relationships between manufacturers and their channel partners. In the end, authorised distributors may reduce their ordering from manufacturers, which ultimately reduces the profits of both business entities.

Deterioration of Brand Image
In the open market customers are not aware that the product has been diverted through unauthorised means potentially creating issues with warranties and returns. The imported product from gray market may not have the functionality, accessories, and features that lead to the customer dissatisfaction towards brand, creates brand equity issues, quality, packaging, instruction manual, price, and safety concerns.

Loss of control on Supply vs Demand
Low prices as supply goes up causes the genuine channel partners to slow down in their order patterns from the original manufacturer as he gets more profit on the product from gray market. This results in conflict in various systems as inventory planning issues, demand problems within the prevailing distribution system that ultimately affects product pricing and availability concerns of the product. It also causes reduction in profit margins and impact of the brand.

Other Concerns
Apart from these main conflicts gray market creates various issues as negative customer
experience, legal and regulatory risks, health issues (Pharmaceutical and FMCG industry faces the direct impact), and also directly affects the economy. It also creates factor like surplus inventories, falling of manufacturing and distribution costs. Brand owners may experience, channel conflict, inventory issues, price fluctuation, reduced profit and brand erosion concerns.

Steps to Take
  • A comprehensive brand protection strategy against counterfeit activity, infringement of trademark, intellectual property rights, and copyright.
  • Regular awareness about brand among internal stakeholders as well as channel partners and other associated partners
  • Seeking an external brand protection expert
  • Implementing various technologies available for brand protection
  • Regular audit of the product, packaging, and gathering feedback from the market
  • A compete legal framework
Secure packaging convinces
For everyday consumer goods, secure packaging is one of the most effective means of prevention. The fight against counterfeiting operates at three levels and the most effective systems combine several techniques. The first, public recognition features which are visible to the naked eye and aimed at consumers, including features such as overt watermarks, tamper-evident seals and holograms.

The second level features can be detected with a simple hand-held device and are aimed at those who are need to be aware of their existence: transport companies, customs agents and retailers. Typical features can include bubble tags, deformation sensors and invisible pigments. The final level, known only to a limited few, makes it possible to give a product unique and distinctive "fingerprint" providing irrefutable proof of it's authenticity, should a case finally come to court. Among the latter's technologies are DNA marking, Tagants, rare pigments and NMR.

Nuova Gidue to Showcase New Digital Flexo 3.0 System at LabelExpo Americas

Delegates attending Labelexpo Americas 2012 can see firsthand the capabilities of Digital Flexo 3.0, the latest generation of digital flexographic technology from Nuova Gidue S.r.l., a manufacturer of printing and converting machines for the labels and packaging industry. The new system delivers excellent production output compared with other digital printing technologies, and is ideal for print runs of all sizes.

Matteo Cardinotti, Operations Manager at Nuova Gidue, comments: “Each release of our Digital Flexo system opens the door to new opportunities for flexo technologies, and our latest incarnation is no different. Digital Flexo 3.0 on the M5 press beats digital printing technologies over 1,000 linear meters of production. And in many jobs, it can compete - and win - well below 1,000 meters. Plus the same press is also profitable for medium and long runs, on any substrate, with multiple converting in-line solutions.”

Nuova Gidue will showcase at Labelexpo, stand 5722, an M5 430mm, eight-color UV flexo press, with three die-cutting units. Digital Flexo 3.0 displays Gidue HD Cameras (PrintTutor), which read the printed image on each print unit, and automatically adjust the print pressure, register and density.

The fully automated adjustments are performed by seven servo motors per print unit. The operator doesn’t touch the printing units for adjustments, while print quality and set-ups are ‘digitalized’ and fully automated in a closed-loop, digitally controlled print unit. Quality is also digitally controlled by the printing machine during speed changes and roll changes etc.

The M5 Digital Flexo 3.0 press takes care of all set-up operations. The system also displays a new converting section with revolutionary technologies that improve the specific productivity of self-adhesive labels.

Excitement is already building around the M5 Digital Flexo 3.0 press – the system is due to be delivered to one of the world’s largest corporate labels and packaging converters.

Federico d’Annunzio, Managing Director of Nuova Gidue, concludes: “The introduction of the Digital Flexo 3.0 offers a brighter future for self-adhesive label and packaging producers. Performance difference between press operators is greatly reduced, very short runs with high profit margins can be produced using the UV flexo printing process, and the excellent throughput quality is consistent repeatable. Labelexpo is the perfect event to demonstrate the power of the M5 Digital Flexo 3.0 system. We’re also set to launch new press lines for packaging producers during 2012”.

Nuova Gidue is a manufacturer of printing and converting machines, providing exclusive technology for the Label and Packaging industry. Most technologies are developed by Nuova Gidue in cooperation with the end-users to manufacture original solutions for long term profitability and innovation. Since 1999 Gidue has provided the Label and Packaging industry with innovative solutions which have set new standards in productivity.

Nuova Gidue‘s product range includes solutions for the label industry such as combination presses and finishing solutions for Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Screen, Digital, Hot Stamping, Cold Foil, Embossing, Label and Carton Die-Cutting, Sheeting, Perforation and others. Most of the processes are interchangeable.

For the flexible packaging industry Nuova Gidue offers substrate solutions such as aluminum foil for yoghurt lids, laminated tubes for tooth paste and cosmetics, sausage skins, shrinkable sleeves, ROSO, wrap-around, stand-up pouches, IML, PE 20 M PET 12 M, PA, PVC, BOPP, aluminum foil 12 m etc. Lamination solutions complete the product range with in-line solventless, hot-melt, pre-adhesive lamination

Martinez Associats appointed Daco Solutions agents for Spain

Martinez Associats Company who have been selling label converting and ancillary equipment for the narrow web industry for over 25 years in Barcelona, Spain has signed an agency agreement to cover the Spanish territory with Daco Solutions to promote and to sell their products.

Daco Solutions, with its extensive market experience in the manufacture of narrow web converting equipment for the self adhesive label industry for over 12 years, now has the opportunity to enter the Spanish market place with Martinez Associats.

Daco Solutions, specialize in the manufacture of reel to reel die cutting machinery for plain label production both without and with register to compliment digital label machines, flexographic label presses, inspection slitter rewinders and turret rewinding equipment.  With Daco’s philosophy of making modular machinery a cost effective solution can be built for most clients needs now and in the future.

The Daco DF330 is the ultimate and newest model, the finishing line is a compact and versatile solution to finish the pre-printed reels produced on digital presses, flexo presses, etc.  The flexographic printing unit is able to flood or spot varnish, the machine can also be configured with a laminating unit to give more flexibility in the choice of finishing.  In full Servo mode, print and die cut to register, sheeting to register and rewinding of the finished product is possible.

In Martinez Associats we believe that with their extensive market knowledge, service and sales team the Daco Solutions range of products are ideal for the Spanish market.  Martinez Associats will work with our existing users and grow the Daco market share in the future.

ADSI to Unveil iTech Centra HS at Labelexpo Americas

At booth 6115 during Labelexpo Americas 2012 (September 11-13), Allen Datagraph Systems Inc. (ADSI) will launch its iTech Centra HS Digital Label System, a complete digital solution built to efficiently manufacture label runs of 1,000-3,000 linear feet (305-915 linear meters) of substrate for label convertors of all sizes. The ‘first in its class’ digital label system combines the new iTech Centra  HS Digital Label Printer with the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Finisher, introduced in 2011. It’s a complete roll-to-roll solution that fits the needs between tabletop label production and full-scale production - for a fraction of the cost of other digital presses – all with low, on-going operational expenses. With the iTech Centra HS Digital Label System, label convertors can lower production costs and waste – while offering new capabilities to their customers.

“The iTech Centra HS Digital label System offers label converters the ability to manufacture labels in a complete, all digital workflow. From roll substrate to fully finished labels, in any shape without dies, the Centra HS is unparreled in its capabilities,” comments Mark Vanover, ADSI VP, Sales and Marketing.

The new component of the system, the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Printer, is an LED toner printer that images consumer-quality labels with brilliant, durable, consistent color at 1200 dpi X 600 dpi, at speeds up to 30 feet per minute (9.1 meters per minute). With a maximum width of 12.9 inches (327 mm) and maximum roll diameter of 14 inches (355 mm) – and a wide degree of substrate flexibility – the Centra HS Digital Label Printer’s capabilities are matchless in the industry.

“While we have been very successful selling the tabletop iTech AXXIS Digital Label System, we believe there is still a missing product opportunity between that and the high cost digital presses. All converters have a need for digital. The Centra HS makes economic sense, as it allows them to augment their current capabilities – as opposed to making a large capital investment on a digital press to replace their existing print technologies. The iTech Centra HS Digital Label System offers better economics for printing and finishing 1,000-3,000 linear foot run lengths than other technologies, explains Vanover. “We have been very fortunate to partner with OKI, who offered us a print engine that has exceptional print quality and keeps up with the speed of our finishing system. It’s a compact, affordable and easy-to-operate roll-to-roll printer.”

“We are very impressed with ADSI’s history and the success of their current product offerings, and from our conversations expect similar results with their iTech Centra HS Digital Label System,” comments Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. “Companies that purchase labels are requiring their convertors to provide smaller quantities for just-in-time manufacturing – and for a reduction in inventory costs. Our OKI print engine as part of the iTech  Centra  HS Digital Label Printer offers label converters a big advantage with smaller label production quantities, based on its capabilities.”

Included with the printer is a Wasatch SoftRIP, easy to use software that manages all print job parameters. The intuitive layout features enable users to maximize substrate usage to minimize waste. A full suite of color control capabilities – ICC color management, tone curve reproduction and unique and powerful spot color replacement features – enhances the print quality of the iTech Centra Digital Label Printer. The RIP also includes a consumable cost estimator. A variable data option is available – enabling sequential numbering and bar codes along with graphic element capabilities.

The other component, the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Finisher, is a high-speed roll-to-roll digital finishing system that allows users to laminate, die-less cut, strip the waste matrix and slit custom labels in one production pass. It can die cut any custom shape on demand – without the inherent costs, delays and limitations of more conventional die cutting processes – right from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, using the same vector file that would normally be sent out for die manufacture. It is sized to accommodate most label convertors’ needs. The iTech Centra HS can convert printed materials from any digital or analog print platform, including inkjet and thermal printers or a conventional flexo press in maximum roll diameter of 14 inches (355 mm) and up to 14 inches wide (355 mm).

Print to cut registration is accomplished via the SMARTMark Optical Registration System. Multiple registration marks can be scanned to automatically adjust the cut file, compensating for any skew or scale issues that may have been caused by the output device or the material. The computer-driven cutting technology is capable of cutting multiple depths within the same cut file allowing for perforations or multi-layer applications. The iTech Centra HS Digital Label Finisher also has a new touch screen interface that makes it easy to set up and operate.

Requiring no dies, make-ready, or running waste, the iTech Centra HS Digital Finishing System’s versatility and accuracy provide the professional converter as well as the end user with true ‘on demand’ converting capabilities.

“The expertise offered by Allen Datagraph has always been two-fold,” adds Vanover. “We believe we produce the best digital finishing systems with an unmatched economic value proposition for the label industry. And, we are able to locate and integrate exceptional print engines to match the performance of our finishing systems. We expect that the iTech Centra HS Digital Label System will attract a lot of attention during Labelexpo.”

Deliveries of complete iTech Centra HS Digital Label Systems are scheduled for late July and are now available for sale. It will be publicly demonstrated for the first time during Labelexpo Americas.

Malaysian-based trade shop now assures customers of highest quality flexo print

Eye Graphic Sdn. Bhd., a leading supplier of packaging solutions in Malaysia, has achieved Esko´s HD Flexo certification. This quality seal offers Eye Graphic’s clients the assurance that the flexographic (flexo) plates they receive will deliver exceptional print results with quality levels comparable to offset and gravure. Eye Graphic joins the fast growing list of certified customers, digital flexo partners and vendors around the globe who are now delivering the highest quality flexo prints - and doing it faster, with increased flexibility and lower cost. Esko´s HD Flexo is a combination of smart screening software and high resolution optics to image digital flexo plates. HD Flexo is a cutting-edge process in digital flexo printing that delivers higher dot quality and prints more consistently than standard digital flexo plates. It has set a new quality standard for flexo printing in the labels and packaging printing industry.

Since it was established in 1990, Eye Graphic Sdn. Bhd. has gained a reputation as an integrated packaging center, providing leadership in design, manufacture and supply of packaging solutions to both the Malaysian market and the wider South East Asia region. With a commitment to offer the highest quality flexo plates and continuously create value for their clients, Eye Graphic had invested in 2006 in a CDI Advance 5080, Esko's unique large format digital flexo imager. In 2011 they added another CDI Advance 5080 and subsequently upgraded both devices to Esko's HD Flexo.

“The decision to go digital with the Esko CDI and incorporate HD Flexo was purely customer driven,” says Mr. Benny Ho Wei Min, Executive Director of Eye Graphic Sdn. Bhd. “Our clients are looking for more flexibility from plate makers and are pushing for faster turn-around times. Digital flexo enables us to offer this." continues Mr. Ho. “With the combination of the CDI and HD Flexo, we can now produce plates with sharper and more accurate imaging with greater consistency and full tonal range" explains Mr. Ho. "Being HD Flexo certified definitely strengthens our competitiveness and confirms our commitment to providing the highest level of quality to our customers which in this case means delivering high quality prints that exceed their expectations".

“Over recent years, we’ve seen an increasing demand for flexo plates in Malaysia – especially in the corrugated market,” says Hoshi Deboo, VP Asia Pacific & Japan at Esko. “Eye Graphic prides itself on continuously creating value for its customers and this quality seal endorses this commitment. We are delighted to partner with Eye Graphic to lead the flexo boom in Malaysia.”

HD Flexo: printing as in offset and gravure
Combining CDI digital flexo imagers with HD Flexo technology, Esko has driven flexo printing to a new quality benchmark comparable to gravure and offset. The full tonal range of offset can now be reproduced with flexo and gradations are printed smoother. HD Flexo combines high-resolution optics (4000 dpi) with unique MicroCell screen technology to deliver prints with sharper text and lines, sharper images and more clearly defined, better shaped screen dots.

Furthermore, the high resolution imaging on the CDI creates a textured surface on the plate, improving ink transfer and increasing ink density on the final print delivering improved image richness and contrast. This is particularly helpful for PANTONE colors and white under prints.

In addition, it is now possible to achieve greater run lengths and fewer washing cycles with the new technology. Customers confirm that HD Flexo has improved the quality and consistency of their existing printing press equipment.

HD Flexo certification program
The Esko HD Flexo Certification program is a rigorous certification process requiring vendors to pass a number of strenuous tests. These include consistently producing ten different print samples from five different jobs. An annual renewal of certification ensures print quality is maintained in line with market developments.

Eye Graphic Sdn. Bhd. was established in October 1990 as a joint venture between Texchem and Eye Corporate Planning, Japan. They are the first company in the flexographic printing plate industry in Malaysia to be awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 Certification. They also pride themselves on being the first in Malaysia to become HD-flexo certified by Esko.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HoMAI elects Manoj Kochar, Holoflex Ltd. as President

HoMAI, the world second and Asia’s only association representing holography today announced the result of 12th Annual General Meeting elections of new governing body. Mr. Manoj Kochar, Director of Holoflex Ltd., is elected as President of HoMAI. The elections for the governing body were held at The Suryaa, New Delhi as per guidelines of HoMAI.

HoMAI is nonprofit body and was established in 1998 to promote holographic OVDs industry in India. The Association worked closely with International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), UK and Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau (CIB), UK to fight against counterfeiting and provides new generation extremely high security solutions to Governments & Brand Owners for anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, packaging, graphics and other commercial applications around the world.

The new governing body is now compromised as follows:-
President: Manoj Kochar – Director (Holoflex Ltd)
Vice-president: Nityanand Shenoy – Managing Director & President (PRS Permacel Pvt Ltd)
General Secretary and Treasurer - Mr. Luv Shriram- Managing Director (Shriram Veritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
Member:  U K Gupta – CMD (Holostik India Ltd)
Member: Thomas M Rajan – MD (Process Color)

HoMAI is world second and Asia’s only association representing holography. It is a not-for-profit organisation working to stimulate the understanding, adoption, use and widespread application of holographic technology. Established in 1998, it consists of India’s leading producers and converters of security holograms for anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, packaging, graphics and other commercial applications around the world. Today, HoMAI member protect more than 10,000 brands and helping various industry organisation, states & central government’s department in protecting tax revenue and providing authentic solutions to consumers. 

Security holograms have become powerful & most effective tools in the prevention of counterfeiting of documents, labels, seals, tags, cards and packaging and a part of a rapidly global security industry’s armory. Security hologram offers a wide variety of overt, covert and forensic feature which can be matched to different levels of security requirements, from those used in relatively low-cost commercial applications such as packaging, tags, labels, to a more sophisticated security method of protecting currency. They are used by various sectors as they provide them and consumer a solution to differentiate fake vs. genuine product. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Zodiac Reprographics installs First P3 Performance Series Press in India

With the demand levels steadily increasing at their end and to help support its growth plans, Zodiac Reprographics has selected the latest in-line narrow web flexo printing technology - the P3 Mark Andy Performance Series to enhance the ability of its operations. A 6-crore turnover company, the Hyderabad-based label specialist, Zodiac Reprographics recently got the P3 Mark Andy Performance Series press installed in the company’s Hyderabad facility and has already started production at full throttle.

Designed with the latest advancements in ink technologies, color, register, and impression controls; the  10 inch - 8 Color dual servo platform machine is capable of high quality combination printing effects such as cold foil, rotary screen, chilled UV curing as well as converting options; and incorporates several other features proprietary to Mark Andy Performance Series Press.

“We purchased the performance series from Mark Andy because of its innovative print platform. We anticipate that our customers will benefit from the P3 machine’s consistently high print quality,” said Ajaydeep Singh who has been heading the production for Zodiac for last decade and half. “With the addition of the P3 Performance series press, we are sure to continue to meet our customers' expectations and perhaps give them more than they can ask for. The press is also highly efficient and minimal additional operator training is required due to its simple design," he added.

Firmly entrenched in the Liquor labels and FMCG segment, the new Performance Series press line investment at Zodiac Reprographics establishes a new benchmark for performance in the narrow web industry with its extremely low waste, very rapid changeovers, unmatched print quality and stability on a wide range of materials and exceptional operator ease of use.

The Performance Series P3 features the same unique printing platform as the other models in the Performance Series lineup, delivering the fastest set-ups and changeovers and shorter web paths. This cost-efficient model provides immediate registration settings, instinctive operator functionality and the exclusive Load & Lock inking system. The P3 is driven by a precision engineered direct drive train and is designed specifically for conventional label production.

“In today’s market it is important to be able to offer customers as many options as possible so we need to be capable in order to be in business for tomorrow. Naturally, we wanted the best machine available that could drive our performance for several years to come,” said Jaideep, Singh, who looks after the sales and finance part of the company. “We looked at every press on the market, and in the end chose the Mark Andy P3 performance series flexo machine based on their outstanding performance for fast make-readies, low waste, and print quality. Thanks to the FIG team that helped us meet our technical and commercial needs, making the decision an easy one,” continued Jaideep.

"In the Indian label converting industry, converters are always searching for ways to improve their productivity, reduce waste and streamline their workflow. Same was the case with Zodiac. We introduced them to the Performance series and our technical team carefully guided them in the process,” stated Gourav Roy, Managing Director, Flexo Image Graphics the Indian arm of Mark Andy Inc. “This is also the first P3 in India," Continued Gourav.

With the investment in this new P3 press, Zodiac is all poised for growth, not only in the liquor industry  but also catering to a whole gamut of FMCG clients which the company has developed over the years. “We worked with FIG on our requirements and they were of great support, especially because we regard this press as exactly the right fit for our current and future goals. We have made a calculated risk purchasing the first P3 Performance Series flexo label press in India, but in our opinion, it’s a risk well worth taking,” added Ajaydeep.

“Paying great attention to our customers needs, providing efficient and qualified professional assistance, as well as assuring reliable and prompt service at every stage - from installation to machine commissioning are part of FIG and Mark Andy’s policies,” summed up I.M Shelvam, CSD Director, FIG.