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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bosch spotlights complete packaging systems competence

At Pack Expo International 2014, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of processing and packaging solutions, will showcase its complete systems competence, from processing to primary and secondary packaging to end-of-line technologies. Two high-speed Seamless Systems designed to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) will be featured, including the global launch of the enhanced blow-fill-seal (BFS) packaging line. Also displayed will be the company’s Module++ capabilities, which link Bosch’s proven standard modules for customized processing and packaging solutions. To create each line, Bosch draws from its local support combined with a global knowledge network.  

“Whether searching for high-end systems from processing to case packing, or taking the first steps with packaging automation, food and nonfood manufacturers are seeking a single-source solutions provider,” said Paul Garms, marketing manager, Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc., New Richmond. “Bosch’s wide portfolio of systems technologies ensures that manufacturers are equipped with the right solution to stay competitive in a constantly evolving market.” 

Seamless Systems to take manufacturers to the peak of productivity
Developed with high productivity in mind, the Seamless Systems from Bosch feature a streamlined design for OEE. The speed of all line components is balanced to eliminate bottlenecks, minimize downtime and optimize product flow. In addition, the Seamless Systems are designed for ease of use, with the same look and feel across the entire line. This makes operation as simple as using a single machine, reducing the risk of operator error and increasing uptime.

At Pack Expo International 2014, Bosch will launch its enhanced blow-fill-seal (BFS) packaging line, featuring new high-speed vial separation capabilities. To give pharmaceutical manufacturers the flexibility to adapt to changing market demands, the BFS packaging line can package vial cards with multiple units or single vials. The BFS line is also capable of handling varying vial thicknesses, helping prevent jams and maximizing uptime. The system features a Sigpack HCUL flow wrapper with hybrid sealing technology: heat sealing on the cross and ultrasonic sealing on the length seam. The long-dwell heat sealing technology allows for extended sealing time, ensuring that thicker films are hermetically sealed for high product protection. Due to the low heat emission, ultrasonic sealing technology is ideal for products such as vials, which are heat sensitive and could be damaged during the process.

Bosch will also present its Seamless System for cracker packaging, designed for the gentle handling of delicate products at fast speeds. The cracker packaging line features tandem slug portioning technology, which generates slug and half-slug pack size configurations with the same process speed. After portioning, the crackers are sent to a flow wrapper that can easily handle both formats and ensures hermetic sealing. With speeds ranging from 120 slugs to 250 half slugs per minute, the cracker packaging line is designed for optimum flexibility, OEE and robustness.

The system will include the Sigpack TTMC case packer, which is making its debut in North America and can handle both regular slotted and half slotted cases (RSC and HSC, respectively). The Bosch booth will also display all of the company’s core competencies via an interactive platform. This includes the handling and packaging of biscuits, an overview of different sealing technologies for horizontal flow wrappers, as well as an introduction to sachet and stick pack packaging capabilities.

Versatile end-to-end solutions with Module++
For ultimate versatility and adaptability, Bosch will highlight its Module++ lines, which integrate the company’s proven modular machines for adaptable and scalable end-to-end line solutions. From processing through case packaging, Module++ allows for easy upgrades for manufacturers either taking their first steps with automation or bringing automation to the next level.

Through local support combined with global consultation services, Bosch tailors each line to meet individual manufacturer needs. This ensures that manufacturers will be quickly equipped with the ideal solutions to realize fast time-to-market. All machines are also available as stand-alone modules designed for simple integration with existing Bosch technology.

At the show, there will be three distinct lines including modules for processing, gentle product handling, distribution and feeding, as well as horizontal flow wrappers, vertical baggers, robotics, cartoners and case packers. For processing technology, Bosch is launching its new roller former designed to minimize trim when processing masses for cereal, candy, protein and fruit bars. The Bosch roller former is the only machine of its kind currently available on the market capable of width adjustments without machine stops, maximizing uptime and output.

In addition, Bosch will exhibit a bar wrapping line featuring its product distribution system that utilizes a touchless transportation concept to gently handle even the most challenging products, whether sticky, soft, top-heavy or fragile. Machines from its Pack Series of horizontal flow wrappers, which range from entry-level models to fully automated technologies, will wrap the bars and a Presto top loading delta robot will load the wrapped bars into cartons. The delta robotic technology ensures high-speed carton packing with the ability to accommodate flexible pack patterns.

A second line will display a vertical bagger featuring Bosch’s patented four-corner seal module. The vertical bagger is designed to produce a variety of different pack styles, including pillow, block bottom, four-corner seal, doy and doy zip, with reclosabilty and opening features at high speeds. To complete the line, Bosch will exhibit its CCM 3100 case packer for flexible case packing. The CCM 3100 features quick changeovers between vertical (stand up) and horizontal (lay flat) bag presentation. The case packer is designed to meet manufacturers’ demands for shorter production runs with a wide format range in both bag and case sizes and styles, including RSC, HSC and other shelf-ready packaging styles.

The final Module++ line will package a medical test cartridge and showcase a robot distribution system with an integrated vision system. It is ideal for feeding irregular and random product flows into precise and consistent order. In addition, the new robotic technology features an open-frame design for expedited cleaning and simplified operations, which increases efficiency. The robot will feed a horizontal flow wrapper featuring long-dwell sealing technology that is capable of sealing times up to one second. This produces a hermetic seal to protect the product and extend shelf life.

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers can learn more about Bosch’s latest system solutions in the South Hall, booth S-3514 at Pack Expo International in Chicago, Illinois, United States, November 2 to 5. Additional pharmaceutical solutions from Bosch can be seen at Pharma Expo, co-located with Pack Expo, in the West Hall, booth W-603.