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Friday, October 10, 2014

PDF Magick - New high performance PDF manipulation and printing software available

This software will be of great interest to Reprographics shops or anyone else that is serious about manipulating or printing PDF files in a professional environment. It is designed to work with largeformat or smallformat, black & white or colour content and devices, regardless of manufacturer.

The software is based on a unique PDF processing idea that no other currently available commercial Reprographics software can offer. The author claims that it will outperform any known software by a far margin. It has been tested with metric and imperial files and on most common devices in North America and Europe and it has already proven itself at a large Reprographic Company in Canada and another shop in Germany. A full review is available upon request.

The software received some exposure after Scott Sheppard, Chief Technology Officer of Autodesk Inc announced it on his "Its Alive in the Lab" blog.

If you are "processing" PDF files to TIF at the moment you should be ready for a major surprise. The software can be used for preflight and job setup, or for electronic manipulation and exporting & archiving without any print device.

Main Features
  • Preview PDF files with high performance WYSIWYG viewer – full image, zoom, or thumbnail/edge.
  • Adjust Sequence, Orientation, Zoom, Alignment and Papersize – in batches or individual  with real time preview.
  • Split, Combine, Rename, Resequence pages.
  • Edge & Titleblock detection for precise auto-alignment.
  • "Grouping" of pages for sections, disciplines within a job. Manual or Automated.
  • Multiple and unlimited “versions” (Fullsize, Halfsize, 11x17, A0, A3,… ) using same files and within same job.
  • No proprietary file formats. All files remain as PDF in open directories.
  • Flexible configuration for automatic media selection based on common media roll width, sheet sizes, metric or imperial units.
  • No processing, imaging or database “server” requirements. Standalone & self contained desktop application.
  • Print to any device from the same Job editor and Interface.

Advanced Features
  • Color & Redline content detection.
  • Overlay & Watermark style stamping, with variable content.
  • Annotation & Font embedding, PDF version changes.
  • Support for automation of doublesided document setup, blank page insertion.
  • Vector Line thickness override to enhance print quality for thin lines.
  • Brightness and Colour Saturation controls for vector Grayscale & Colour content.
  • Crop pages.
  • Add cropmarks.
  • Automated tiling (side by side) and/or stacked, 2 up or 4 up printing.
  • Unlimited "N-Up" Imposition tool with advanced layout options, cropmarks, bleeds.
  • Deskew using any rotation degrees with on-screen detection.
  • Enforce document management rules for 3rd party planroom indexing.
  • Horizontal and vertical rulers with configurable guidelines in viewer.
  • Drag & Drop files across multiple directories, with automatic grouping and slipsheeting.
  • Job Summary for quicker quoting or billing, separated by Small-, Largeformat, BW, Color, sheet counts, sizes and coverage.
  • Task based or Queue Based workflow to suit small or large operations.
  • Interbranch Job Transfer capability via network share, ZIP files or FTP.

There are many more productivity enhancing features and the best way to find out about the software is to ask for a free trial version or additional information by contacting Hakan Usakli at pdfmagick@gmail.com