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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Global Vision joins Enfocus Crossroads programme to provide quality control tools for Enfocus customers

Global Vision and Enfocus announced that Global Vision has joined the Enfocus Crossroads programme as a Technology Partner. The partnership kick-off is marked by the introduction of the Global Vision BarProof PDF barcode verification module, an off-the-shelf tool that smoothly integrates with the Enfocus Switch workflow automation solution.

"Global Vision is a renowned provider of industry leading prepress quality control tools for artwork, text, Braille and barcodes. We're very pleased to welcome them as a complementary technology partner. With the launch of the BarProof configurator, we will be able to offer significant time savings to Enfocus Switch users when it comes to barcode verification in prepress workflows." says Angelo Manno, Global Accounts Manager Partners & OEM, Enfocus.

Global Vision provides automated quality control solutions designed for prepress and printers to verify artwork, barcodes, Braille and text to ensure accuracy of components within packaging artwork. BarProof is the industry's first barcode verification module that automatically locates, decodes & grades barcodes in PDF files to provide detailed reports on barcode quality, including bar width reduction and magnification values.

Enfocus Switch is a modular and open software solution that is built to give organizations of all sizes a seamless way to manage the documents they need to support their business. Switch easily integrates with an organization’s existing systems and connects the third-party applications they use to create, produce, and share documents. Once connected, Switch becomes the glue that seamlessly pulls these applications together into a customized production workflow. No matter who creates the document, what format it is in, or how it will be output, the workflow connected by Switch ensures users can process it in less time, with less effort and at less cost.

"With thousands of artwork files to be processed each day, time savings is of the essence for prepress and printers,” explained Reuben Malz, President, Global Vision. “With the BarProof configurator for Enfocus Switch, we are providing further automation capabilities to Enfocus Switch users to verify barcodes within PDF files and proofs as part of their prepress quality control while reducing overall inspection times."

Crossroads is a tight-knit network of Enfocus Switch users and vendors. Switch easily integrates and then automates functionalities derived from applications like Global Vision's BarProof. A visual flow editor assists users in easily creating automated workflows from scratch or import predesigned flows from the Enfocus Crossroads community website.

Global Vision will be releasing future configurators for other applications including ArtProof, the first Mac-based artwork inspection solution, to automate artwork inspection for prepress PDF files including booklets.

Global Vision and Enfocus will be showcasing the new BarProof configurator at Graph Expo 2014 in Chicago, IL September 28 - October 1, 2014.