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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Multi Packaging Solutions launches Spotlight Package

Multi Packaging Solutions, a leader in the printing and packaging of value added consumer markets and healthcare market announces its latest innovation in retail solutions card software download. Its retail-ready 'Spotlight'package debuts with the launch of 505 Games PayDay2 by software publisher 505 Games. This unique approach to merchandising allows download cards to stand alongside physical, rather than compete for attention on retail peg boards.

The patent pending package consists of a paperboard tray containing cards securely and clear plastic sleeve that allows full product visibility. Both components can be customized with an array of decorative technologies to coordinate with the download card and provide additional messaging services to attract consumer interest. With this innovative approach, publishers can now display game features that would not otherwise fit in the footprint available on a single download card alone. In addition, the package is recyclable Spotlight, adding sustainability benefits that retailers want.

"With the shift in software game format from physical media for downloadable content, maintaining a strong presence at retail can be challenging," said Erin Willigan, Vice President of Global Marketing for Multi Packaging Solutions. "We've created the Spotlight package download cards with more visual impact alongside console game titles, where consumers are most likely to discover them while browsing for entertainment options."

Nic Ashford, Consultant Vice President for 505 Games, recognized this need for a new alternative  and approached MPS solution. "505 Games continually strives to find new ways to cross-promote and bridge the gap between physical and digital titles. Our success has come in many forms, but the buzz being generated by the Spotlight package in stores has been phenomenal”.

"With this innovative package, retailers can now successfully merchandise digital-based products, finally solving the age-old problem of how to tap into the ever-growing digital revenues," Ashford said, "I personally like that the Spotlight package has a smaller footprint, is fully recyclable, and is relatively inexpensive. Logistically, it is cheaper to move around, rounding out an overall better package for the environment - a benefit we should all be striving for. "