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Eminence Business Media

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dow Corning to introduce next generation of release coatings and silicone pressure sensitive adhesives to the Indian market at Labelexpo India

A global leader in silicone-based technologies, Dow Corning (stall H41) will introduce to the Indian market the next generation of release coatings and silicone pressure sensitive adhesives during Labelexpo India. Dow Corning will showcase a broad array of high-performance solutions for the packaging and label industry, including:

Syl-Off Brand SL 411 Coating, a cost-effective, solventless polymer coating that delivers reliable high-speed performance for efficient bulk roll label manufacturing. It is optimized for low platinum levels and provides fast curing and extremely stable release performance. Designed for glassine and SCK substrates, it is an excellent choice for pressure-sensitive label stock, food packaging and industrial release papers.

Syl-Off Brand SL 35 Release Modifier offers tight release at very low platinum (Pt) levels with superior stability and shelf life. Designed for low-platinum, solventless systems, it leverages the potential of Dow Corning’s Syl-Off Advantage Series Solventless Systems to give customers the best in both quality control and cost savings. It is suitable for use in the manufacturing of pressure sensitive label stock, single- and double-sided release papers, liners for adhesive tapes and other coatings for sticky materials.

Syl-Off Brand Emulsion Coatings:  Products in this line offer advantage of low coat weights and are suitable for diverse applications for process liners / for adhesive tape manufacturing. They include Syl-Off EM 7934 /EM 7935 Emulsion Coating offering superior anchorage for both off-line and in-line coating during the film manufacturing process

Syl-Off Brand Fluorosilicone Release Coatings provide consistent, stable, low-force release from silicone PSAs. Syl-Off Q2-7785 Release Coating, which features a very low release force overtime and is suitable either as a transfer coat with silicone PSAs or for direct cast applications. These materials are ideal for use when manufacturing delicate films.

Dow Corning experts will be on-hand at the exhibition stall to discuss individual needs and identify the best solutions to visitors' unique manufacturing challenges.