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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mark Andy Print Products Offers New tesa Softprint Secure Tape Line

Mark Andy Print Products, the supplies and consumables division of Mark Andy Inc., has announced the addition of the tesa Softprint Secure plate mounting tapes to its offering of top-performing pressroom products. Label and packaging printers face many challenges to maximizing their process efficiencies without the loss of quality. Reducing downtime and waste created in prepress processes is essential as is the ability to work at higher press speeds. Consequently identifying technology that improves these functions is a necessity to every profitable pressroom today.

tesa Softprint Secure is designed to handle two major challenges for narrow web printers: plate lift and long run lengths. With the newly developed adhesives on both the plate roll/sleeve and plate side of the double-sided foam tape series, it effectively prevents plate lift on small repeat cylinders and sleeves while maintaining a strong, secure bond. Softprint Secure plate mounting tapes are the ideal solution for faster printing speeds and longer print jobs as well as suitable where plates are mounted with minimal seams. Securely holding down the plates leads to less edge-lifting which in turn results in less downtime and waste.

SNAP-ON Feature
tesa Softprint Secure plate mounting tapes don’t just hold down plate edges effectively. tesa engineers have developed a bonding agent which also offers easy plate mounting and demounting characteristics. This Snap-on adhesive is patented by tesa for its unique chemical formulation.

The tesa Softprint Secure
The tesa Softprint Secure is a double-coated foam tape, designed specifically for print process security in wide-web flexographic printing. The revolutionary adhesive system is extremely solvent resistant, holds the edges, even of thick, photopolymer plates down on minimal diameter sleeves or cylinders. This makes this product the ideal solution for faster printing speeds, longer print jobs and designs that require minimal joins.

The open side adhesive is designed to function on steel and sleeves. The covered side of adhesive is different and very solvent resistant. The medium foam makes this the ideal solution for printing combinations of screens and line work.

Foam properties
  • Highly compressible foam, with superior recovery behavior for excellent print quality
  • Long lasting recovery characteristic for extended and high speed print runs
  • Low thickness tolerances for quick print preparation and reduced waste
Adhesive properties
  • High solvent resistance that allows for in-press plate cleaning
  • High bonding to plate to avoid edge lifting or plate movement
  • High bonding on open side to steel cylinder or sleeve to avoid plate movement or compound lift
  • Ideal bonding power for demounting of plate and tape
  • Very cohesive adhesive structure for demounting without adhesive residues
Additional properties
  • The structured PP-liner prevents the formation of air pockets when the plate is mounted
  • The purple color marking indicates the medium-hard foam
Mark Andy Print Products is the official and leading distributor of the tesa Softprint Secure tape for narrow web. The consumables division of Mark Andy Inc. has immediate availability of all narrow web sizes and hardness levels (hard, medium, soft) in blue, red and yellow-logoed rolls.