Pharma Impurity Conclave 2023

Friday, October 17, 2014

Khushboo Scientific to demonstrate equipment for quality checking of adhesives at Labelexpo India

Khushboo Scientific will be demonstrating a variety of equipments for quality checking of adhesives at their stall G11 at Labelexpo India. On display will be AR-1000 adhesion release testing machine which is designed to perform PSTC, ASTM, TLMI, FINAT and AFERA adhesion and release testing procedures with the speeds varying between 6 and 1200 inches per minute. Other equipment include PA-1000-180 degree peel adhesion; LT-1000 loop tack to quickly and efficiently determine the tack or grab of an adhesive; PT-1000 Polyken Probe Tack for measuring the tack of pressure sensitive adhesives. A precision ground 5.0 mm diameter flat probe contacts the adhesive, reverses direction and pulls away from the adhesive. The maximum force required to break the adhesive bond is recorded and displayed. S-HT-30 high temperature 30 bank shear performs shear tests in ovens, humidity chambers or freezers; and RBT-100 rolling ball tack tester provides an easy method of testing the tack of an adhesive.