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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sun Chemical launches new SunGraphics Rubber Flood Plates for the Corrugated Market

In order to accommodate printers that need to print large sheets for POP displays and other applications without joining together multiple smaller plates, Sun Chemical introduced its new SunGraphics Rubber Flood Plates for the corrugated printing market.

The SunGraphics Rubber Flood Plates allows printers to use a one-piece plate and eliminate joining together plates to meet the larger sizes required by end users, while maintaining solid continuous uniform color throughout large displays or sheets.

“Corrugated printers have come to us needing to flood coat large sheets for corrugated displays, but wanting to remove the join lines that occur when two small plates are put together,” said Kreg Keesee, Vice President, Graphic Services, Sun Chemical. “Our new Rubber Flood Plates allow customers to meet that requirement and eliminate the need to join smaller plates together. Not only do they produce a better product that meet brand owner requirements, it also improves efficiencies and reduces lead times and costs for our corrugated printer partners by not having to outsource.”

The Rubber Flood Plates work with a conventional press set-up, requiring no special configurations for the press, and are a one-piece flood coat plate that can provide coverage up to 62” x 110”. A glue-free system that uses standard materials and normal mounting procedures, Rubber Flood Plates are recommended for water-based ink applications as they are made of natural rubber, which provide strength, resilience and abrasion resistance.

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s SunGraphics Rubber Flood Plates, visit booth #417 during Corrugated Week from September 28-October 1, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Long Beach Convention Center or visit www.sunchemical.com.