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Monday, October 20, 2014

Parksons Packaging installs India’s first Kongsberg V sample-maker at Chakan

Parksons Packaging, India’s leading monocarton company has diversified into the production of SoliQ branded corrugated carton trays under license from BillerudKorsnäs (Sweden). Designed specifically for fruit and vegetables, the special SoliQ marked corrugated boxes are manufactured according to stringent quality standards ensuring that the contents are protected throughout their supply chain.

Parksons Packaging’s diversification into this new vertical of branded corrugated cartons, means investing in new equipment for corrugation, multi-color flexographic printing and slotting and creasing at the Chakan plant in Western India. However, its design and sample-making infrastructure was already in place, Parksons is a long-time user of Esko software including ArtiosCAD for the structural design of folding cartons. Parksons Chairman Mr. Ramesh Kejriwal says, “The Esko prepress system with ArtiosCAD software helped us in building our packaging design facility into a vibrant innovation centre called Design Park.”

The diversification from offset to flexography and the change from folding cartons to printed corrugated trays have been smooth because of the familiarity and confidence in Esko software tools and sample making hardware. Parksons Packaging was the first Indian packaging converter to install a Kongsberg XL series sample maker when it was launched in 2001. Having found the first Kongsberg XL most reliable, the saga of trust has continued with Parksons’ installation of the Kongsberg V20 sample making table for the new diversification project.

Parksons Packaging Chairman Ramesh Kejriwal, says that, “The new sample maker was essential because of the larger size needed for the sampling of corrugated cartons.Its ts immense robustness and flexibility means that it can cut and crease samples and short runs of both folding cartons and special corrugated cartons. The Kongsberg V20 can handle materials of sizes up to 1750 x 1650 mm. Its flexibility means that we can cut rubber blankets that are needed for the spot varnishing of folding cartons but we can also cut flexographic plates for mounting on our new multi-color flexo printer slotter. Our familiarity with the use of multiple Esko sample makers at our several plant locations made it a natural progression to the Kongsberg V20 when we were contemplating sample making for the corrugation business.”

Parksons has the complete prepress and workflow software from Esko to drive both folding carton and corrugated carton production. Mr. Kejriwal explains, “The Esko prepress software has been the backbone of our folding carton production. Thus the prepress and design infrastructure was in place and our familiarity and confidence in the appropriate tools and particularly in ArtiosCAD, helped us with our diversification. With the knowledge that Esko has of the flexo workflow we were encouraged to extend their prepress system to our diversification in the corrugation business. It’s simply a combination of leading edge software and in the case of the sample maker, hardware - reliability and trust.”

Srihari Rao, Esko’s Director of Sales for India recalls the strong relationship with a pioneering and ever-growing partner, “We highly value our long relationship with Parksons Packaging. As this company continues with expansion and diversification to new locations and new segments, it can count on us at Esko as trusted partners. We’ll help Parksons Packaging to leverage its human resource and investment in our prepress and workflow technology”.