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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tilia Labs releases Phoenix 4.0 expanding upon the powerful folding carton and label imposition and ganging tools

Canadian company Tilia Labs Inc. announced today the 4.0 release of their flagship imposition and planning solution, Phoenix.  Phoenix 4.0 expands upon the powerful folding carton and label imposition and ganging tools found in earlier versions with new features for streamlining signage and greeting card work.  Wide Format presses are now fully supported out of the box across all editions, including new mark types and increased sheet capacity.   Combined, these enhancements allow Phoenix 4.0 to not only unite imposition and planning, but to do so across all press types for virtually any job.

Auto ganging capabilities in Phoenix have also been greatly enhanced, providing an unprecedented level of automation during layout creation.  Highlights include:
  • Nested Ganging – Optimal, tightly nested layouts for irregular shaped products, making Auto Impose and Auto Optimize modules ideal for auto ganging folding cartons as well as non-rectangular labels, cards and signage.  Nested layouts can be exported as CFF2, PDF or PostScript for cutting.
  • Optimized for Post-press – Guillotine-based layout generation of rectangular products now minimizes the number of sheet turns needed wherever possible, reducing costs and time during post-press.  Sheet turns are reported in results with lower complexity cuts being favored.  Nested ganging is also tuned to favor lower layout complexity.
  • Simultaneous Gang Runs - Auto Impose and Auto Optimize can be run simultaneously across multiple jobs.  Results are available in a persistent panel allowing users to apply ganged layouts to any job at any time.
  • Lock Bottom Cartons – Lock bottom folding carton pairs are automatically detected and grouped during ganging.
  • All ganging enhancements are included in Auto Impose and Auto Optimize tools.
Sagen de Jonge, CEO of Tilia Labs “From the start our goal has been to automate the imposition process as much as possible for all non-commercial work. Phoenix 4.0 is a huge step in this direction with the addition of nested ganging and Wide Format support.  One key aspect of this solution that makes it so unique in the market is the ability to create optimal layouts in seconds but still be able to drill down and control every aspect of the job with our extensive set of existing tools, something that is crucial when eliminating errors, especially with non-rectangular work.”

Phoenix 4.0 is available for trial and purchase now.  For more details and a complete list of features available please visit http://tilialabs.com.