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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Linerless Labels: Practical, sustainable, cost-saving solutions for product decoration and identification

AWA Alexander Watson Associates have published The Linerless Label Market 2014 - a third edition of their in-depth international market study of one of the emerging features of the pressure-sensitive label market in recent years. A product identification concept which took its first steps in the 1980s, linerless labeling has now established a focused technology chain that has enabled it to take a small but definable share of the mainstream labeling market, both in primary product labeling and in variable information print.

In-depth market profile
The Linerless Label Market 2014 delivers an updated, independent, wide-ranging assessment of the various applications for pressure-sensitive labels today which do not involve the use of a release liner. One of the major technology drivers for linerless labels is the cost savings which may be made by eliminating a liner, along with productivity improvements and a ‘leaner’, more sustainable labeling process.

Typical primary product label applications include supermarket meat, poultry and fish priceweigh tray prepacks (with additional thermal price/barcode print), as well as other options in foods, petrochemicals, and the home and personal care markets. The report details material, technology and machinery developments, to provide a focused insight into the current technology platform and the issues and challenges for label converters and end users, in the context of the pressure-sensitive label market as a whole.

The report concludes with a review of extant and emerging linerless technologies, and a directory of solutions providers, thus providing a readily-accessible market assessment for manufacturers, raw material suppliers, converters, and label users.

Full details of The Linerless Label Market 2014 may be found on the AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ website, www.awa-bv.com, where it is also possible to order the report online.