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Eminence Business Media

Monday, September 22, 2014

Adestor Glitter WS, a new premium facestock for wine, champagne and spirit labels

Lecta’s newest addition to its Labels to Celebrate range is a facestock grade with a pearl finish designed exclusively for labeling premium wine, champagne and beverages. Adestor Glitter WS is a high-quality paper with a glossy pearl finish and metallized appearance ideal for deluxe wine, champagne, water and spirit labels. An anti-fungal wet-strength paper designed for optimal resistance to water, making it a perfect choice for labeling cava and champagne. 

Adestor Glitter WS facestock is available with Lecta’s BC361 Plus permanent adhesive and white 80-gram glassine backing paper, both specifically tailored for wine applications. BC361 Plus is a special acrylic adhesive for non-returnable glass bottles that resists a minimum of 2 hours submerged in ice water without label slide.     

The new Adestor Glitter WS / BC361Plus / GB80 line of products thus guarantees that the label stays intact during ice bucket immersion and cold chain conditions. Adestor Glitter WS is suitable for flexo, typographic and UV offset printing.

Labels to Celebrate is Lecta’s exclusive selection of pressure-sensitive labels designed for application on wine, champagne, spirit and water bottles as well as on premium food products. All its products are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management standards and ISO 50001 energy management standards. They are also available with PEFC and FSC Chain-of-Custody forest certification upon request.

For further information on Adestor Glitter WS and the Labels to Celebrate range of papers please visit www.adestor.com, where you can find technical data sheets and full details on all of Lecta’s self-adhesive products.