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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sun Chemical Showcases Solutions for Corrugated Printers

During Corrugated Week 2014, Sun Chemical will show corrugated printers a wide range of solutions that can help graphics pop and improve pressroom efficiency. Visitors of Sun Chemical booth #417 will be introduced to high-definition plate technology, inks, and pressroom consumable products which offer sharper images, superior print quality, and efficiency to avoid many of the common printing defects that corrugated printers face.

“Corrugated printers are looking for solutions that enhance productivity, improve pressroom performance and help the final packaging pop off the shelf,” said Tony Renzi, Vice President of Product Management Packaging Inks, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “Our range of solutions on display during Corrugated Week does just that. We can take corrugated printers from concept to consumer with design, pre-press, color management, ink, coatings, and plates.”

Packaging that Jumps off the Shelf
By partnering with Sun Chemical SunGraphics, corrugated printers will have access to high-definition plate technology utilizing Esko HD software to print with an image quality of up to 4,000 PPI, resulting in more impactful graphics that jump off the shelf. Combining HD quality with flat-top dot plate technology increases capabilities by offering an expanded tonal range and wider color gamut.

Sun Chemical HD plates also creates a uniform height printing surface between the screens and solids versus conventional digital plates. The uniform surface allows for more even impression across the plate.

The system sharpens images even further, allowing for smooth screen transitions to zero, reduction or elimination of hard edge highlight screen breaks, and decreased dot gain while minimizing the fluting effect, a printing defect especially noticeable in corrugated printing.

Inks that Provide Strong Color Strength and pH Stability
Converters looking for inks that provide high print quality and color strength can benefit from Sun Chemical’s SunVisto Advantage HS, an ink that delivers both superior print quality and the pH stability needed for corrugated stocks.

SunVisto Advantage HS inks provide for higher color strength for use with higher line aniloxes and eliminate the need for special GCMI color matches when added strength is required to hit GCMI color targets. The Advantage HS inks are also 40-50 percent stronger than conventional mid-grade GCMI inks.

The ink line increases pressroom productivity by reducing the need for pH adjustments during long press runs. Contrary to typical water-based inks which lose pH during long press runs and lead to dirty print and ink build-up, SunVisto Advantage HS inks eliminate the concern of pH control from the beginning to the end of a production run.

Designed for mid-level to high-end graphics for most paper stock, SunVisto Advantage HS inks provide exceptional print quality for both single and multi-color jobs on standard corrugated linerboards and substantially increase the ease of  clean-up compared to similar inks.

Laser-Marking Coating Solutions Allows for Variable Coding of Graphic Information
Visitors can also see live demonstrations of Sun Chemical’s SunLase laser marking solutions, a coating that enables brand owners to add information to both secondary and primary packaging information after the filling and closure of the pack, whether for practical supply chain purposes or as a late stage packaging differentiator.

The SunLase solution prints a transparent or tinted coating onto a packaging substrate during the printing process. After the packaging has been sealed, variable coding graphic information, such as barcodes, QR codes, and “Use By” dates or branding, can be created using a low power CO2 or fiber laser to change the color of the patch to black where marked, with no risks to the packaged product.

Sun Chemical’s Complete Line of Pressroom Consumable Products
Sun Chemical offers a complete line of pressroom consumable products, including fountain solutions that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of individual press requirements, blankets, silicones, conditioners and pressroom washes for end use applications.

One new consumable technology on display will be the SunVisto Anilox Renew and the SunVisto Power Scrub and Anilox Renew. The SunVisto Anilox Renew is a highly concentrated cleaner designed to provide a deep cleaning foam that brings heavily soiled plates and anilox rollers back to their “like new” condition. Anilox Renew minimizes or eliminates the need for sending anilox rollers out for cleaning. By applying it weekly, most anilox rolls will not require bi-weekly removal and blasting, eliminating costs and improving overall quality.

SunVisto Power Scrub uses the same technology built into Anilox Renew at a more economical price and can be used on any surface. The non-corrosive foaming technology of Power Scrub allows a customer to control the amount of cleaner being applied, reducing the amount of wasted wash.