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Friday, September 26, 2014

Ryobi MHI Packaging Edition Press redefines the economics of package printing

Ryobi MHI 750G Packaging Edition offers an affordable, fully automated press; delivers what many commercial and packaging printers need - high-margin, special-effects printing for thick packaging board and light weight sheets. One veteran printer says the Ryobi 755 XLG Packaging Edition is the most productive and cost-efficient press for premium short run package printing in North America. 

The 6 Up Ryobi MHI 750 Packaging Edition series press will be highlighted at Graph Expo 2014, where printers entering or expanding into package printing can learn how the press will dramatically expand their product offerings.  Packaging runs become profitable in as few as 500 sheets with Ryobi Smart Instacolor technology and Ryobi LED UV curing system which allow print jobs to move quickly from print to finishing.

Graphic Systems North America reports the fully automated, 31-inch, 16,000-sph Ryobi 750 Packaging Edition series press fits commercial printers who are entering package printing or growing that segment of their business.  In addition, the press is earmarked for U.S. and Canadian packaging printers who are grappling with the shorter run demands of their customers and aren’t sure that inkjet or digital will match their quality and durability needs.  A unique Blister Pack configuration is also available in the 750 Packaging Edition.

The press is available in up to eight colors to provide maximum Pantone color matching and multiple spot color versatility, easily accommodating up to 31-point board and a wide variety of synthetic substrates along with specialty treatments including chemical embossing, cold foiling, opaque whites over foil, and much more.

For added profitability, the 6-up 750 Packaging Edition press is available with the Ryobi UV Casting and Foiling System, which delivers a wide range of special effects printing, including Cast & Cure holographic effects and inline foiling for high security, specialty decorating and high-impact retail packaging.

In-depth discussions of the 750 Packaging Edition press together with finished print samples will be available in the GSNA Commit to Print Booth at Graph Expo 2014, McCormick Place Booth #4404, Sept. 28 to Oct. 1, in Chicago.  Visitors are also encouraged to attend the Ryobi Printers Panel presentation in the CPP Theatre for a lively discussion of trends in short run packaging on Monday September 29 at 11:30 AM.

Key features of the Ryobi MHI 750 Packaging Edition include:
  • Remotely adjustable shell type skeleton transfer system provides the versatility printers need to ensure mark-free printing on thick paper and plastics as well as lighter stocks that benefit from the support of a transfer cylinder.
  • Ryobi Smart Instacolor technology achieves ultrafast makeready with minimal paper waste.
  • Two inches of additional paper size versus competing German and Japanese presses allow for greater operating flexibility, image stability, print quality and multiple up formatting.
  • Ryobi’s LED UV Instacure technology is ideally suited to short run packaging since the press sheet is immediately cured and ready for finishing and no powder is required.
  • Smart Ryobi Plate Changing system provides simultaneous plate changing in roughly two minutes.
  • Ryobi High Grade Feeder assures stable, high-speed sheet feeding across all stock weights.

The Ryobi MHI 750G Packaging Edition press has successful placements worldwide and saw its debut U.S. placement in May 2014 at Graphic Edge Printing & Packaging in metro Milwaukee.  Veteran commercial printer Dale Skinkis, owner of Graphic Edge, reviewed all comparable presses before deciding on the Ryobi MHI 755 packaging press. “This is the most productive and cost-efficient press for premium, short-run package printing in North America,” he said.

Putting ink on packaging board and labels has a bright future, with continued growth expected in the $170 billion North American packaging market.  Much of the fastest growth in package print is coming from small and mid-size manufacturers of consumer products who need short run packaging to sell their products.  Large consumer products companies look to versioning and targeted packaging runs to grow their market share.

High-speed offset remains the highest quality and lowest-cost of production for folding cartons, labels and some flexible packaging - regardless of run length and nothing compares to offset for package durability.

The Ryobi MHI 750G Packaging Edition press greatly expands capabilities for commercial and packaging printers as it reduces total manufacturing cost in this high value add segment of the print market.  The press accommodates a wide range of paper, plastic and specialty substrates, from super-thin sheets to heavy board, delivering the precision, power and stability these stocks require.

All Ryobi presses are backed by quick-response service from GSNA’s local, factory-trained technicians in the U.S. and Canada, together with engineers from Ryobi MHI headquarters in Japan.

Versatile press also excels at general commercial and specialty printing
“The Ryobi 750G Packaging Edition press delivers what many commercial printers are looking for today,” said GSNA Chairman Don Barbour.

“The Packaging Edition is a highly versatile workhorse,” Barbour said. “It brings new cost savings and capabilities to a very broad range of general commercial printing and specialty package printing.  In addition, for dedicated package printers, it’s robust and fast enough to handle all their shorter runs at the same quality they currently deliver to their customers.”

Added Karl Belafi, Jr., GSNA co-founder:  “In head-to-head matchups for functionality, print quality and total cost of manufacturing, the Ryobi 750 Packaging Edition series press outperforms any other 6-up press on the market today and digital can’t come close for image quality and durability.”