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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kodak and Packz to Offer Customers Powerful PDF Editing Capabilities

Kodak will offer the Packz Professional PDF Editor, which provides high-quality editing of packaging and labels, with its rich suite of packaging software solutions, including Kodak Prinergy Workflow. The powerful Packz software will provide Kodak packaging workflow customers with an easy-to-use, high performance option for the rapid handling of complex files for large packaging jobs.

With its multi-core, multi-threading 64-bit architecture, running under OS-X and Windows, Packz is not limited by the performance constraints of other plug-in packages. Packz provides a complete set of pre-press and editing tools, such as trapping, white underprint facilities, separation handling, barcode creation and recognition, plus the formation of dynamic information panels and marks. The operator also has the use of quality-assurance tools, while optional features include tabular and nested step-and-repeat, 3D visualisation and warping facilities. Packz has been designed for easy and quick manipulation of native PDF content and maximum performance.

“For Kodak to offer Packz as part of its production workflow solution is further confirmation of Packz Software’s dedication to creating a complete, native PDF workflow for labels and packaging,” says Packz Software CEO Christopher Graf. “Kodak Prinergy Workflow and Packz are a perfect fit because they are both based on native PDF technology, meaning there is no need for any conversion in the packaging lifecycle.”

In addition to Kodak Prinergy Workflow for packaging, Kodak has added Packz to all Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions, including Kodak Pandora Step-and-Repeat Software, Packaging Layout Automation Software for Prinergy Workflow, Kodak ColorFlow Workflow, Kodak Spotless Flexographic Solution, PDF Tools (Compare & Merge, DotShop Software, Kodak Prinergy Plate Building Software), Advanced Screening solutions (Kodak Maxtone Screening, Kodak Digicap Screening and Kodak HyperFlex Ready Imaging Software) and Arden Impact.

“In keeping with our mission to provide world-class software solutions to the packaging industry, we partnered with Packz to continue to offer high quality products, while keeping it easy to use for both entry-level and skilled users,” says Mike Tedesco, Kodak’s Worldwide Product Manager, Production Workflow. “This relationship simplifies the use of Packz, while providing Kodak customers with significantly more powerful tools for interactive editing of native PDF files.”